UN General Assembly Passes Six Resolutions Condemning Israel

The UN General Assembly, Friday night, passed six resolutions condemning Israel by overwhelming majority, among them a demand that Israel immediately withdrawl from the occupied territories and another declaring Israel to have no legal jurisdiction over the city of Jerusalem.

In a separate resolution topping 150 “yes” votes declared any attempt to impose Israel’s laws, jurisdiction and administration on Jerusalem illegal, and therefore null and void. It was approved by a vote of 157-6 with 10 abstentions.

Such a pity General Assembly resolutions are non-binding. I’d go on a crime spree.
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16 thoughts on “UN General Assembly Passes Six Resolutions Condemning Israel

  1. Yay!!! I’m an occupier!!!
    Does this mean that the garbage collection services provided to my Nachlaot apartment constitute oppression?

  2. Who give a shit about any of this – UCLA has just beaten USC in the greatest upset of the century!!!!! Go Bruins

  3. What I’ve never understood is this: It is my (perhaps mistaken) understanding that the international community considers Israeli jurisdiction over Jerusalem to be void not because it was taken by force in 1967 (since the West side was not), but because the original partition plan called for Jerusalem to be administered internationally by the UN. But we know that Bethlehem was included in the original boundaries of Jerusalem as envisioned by the 1949 partition (at the behest of the Holy See). So, why no dispute when Bethlehem was transferred wholly to the PA under Oslo II?

  4. damnit, I’m going to be kicked out of my Geulim…scratch that, Baka apt…I know it, even though it was captured before the 67 war.
    And yet, Kfar Etziyon residents should leave their community, again, even though they lived there before 1948.
    And now, Israeli Arabs want the “right of return” to their abandoned villages, as well as the national flag and anthem changed.

  5. xisntox…the way I see it is…if every one is held to the “I want my land back because somebody took it by force, than all the THC ingesting peaceniks of Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, etc., should be moving to northern communities as the Natives resettle the land that was taken from them. Let’s settle that first, before we ask the Jews to give back what was acquired in a defensive war.

  6. i agree, shteimel. until there is justice for the native americans, darfurians, and tibetans, no one should expect the jews to respect palestinian rights.

  7. and yet xisntox, you never mention the rights of the Israelis not to be bombed and rocketed–daily. Israel shows incredible restraint in how they treat the Palestinians. All Israel asks is to be left alone and yet you cry for the palestinians who have never done anything to stop these so-called ‘rogues’ from harming Israel…no instead the people elected Hamas to power. my question…when will killing jews not be tolerated?

  8. 1. To rootlesscosmo- what the int’l community “considers” is not exactly equivalent to what int’l law stipulates. But both are admittedly constantly changing, for better or for worse. IL is much more established regarding territorial acquisition through use of force (defensive or otherwise) and by other means (ie treaties) now than it was in ’47.
    A few things remain incontestable, regardless of who is the true legal owner of disputed territories. Israel is obligated to uphold int’l HUMANITARIAN law (Geneva Conventions, et al) in territory it occupies. The fundamental premise is that military occupation (doesn’t make a difference whether its defensive or not) is temporary, and that changes brought by the occupying power must be for the BENEFIT of the local population. The capital O Occupation clearly has never met this premise. Also, Oslo is a binding agreement which has legal primacy over other sources of int’l law, including UN partition, G.A. resolutions, and int’l court rulings. Not to open the can of worms about treaty violation (both parties are guilty), but Israel’s continuing policy of land acquisition is in one word, illegal. In more words, such policies are immoral, instigative, indefensible, and more, but that’s the legal argument.
    2. to shtreimel and xisntox, your names are hard to spell. But more importantly, you’re both implying that we can’t be expected to work for justice before other injustices are settled. Seems pretty circular. The world has a double standard when it comes to human rights. Damn straight. There’s a double and triple and hundred-fold standard in “world morality”. But why does that exempt us Jews from holding ourselves to a higher standard? Whatever happened to Or l’Goyim? Not until we can defend ourselves from all threats through a military state?
    Lastly, First Nations in N. America have never demanded land rights or territorial sovereingty according to our modern, mostly Western terms. They, and other historically oppressed and persecuted minorities (Jews included) do demand cultural autonomy, minority rights, and basic legal protections. We should be expected to grant ALL peoples equal protections, without any preconditions. We’re all children of Hashem, kavod habriyot.
    big ups mobius- we met in JLem this summer- I tried to bring Acharei Hamilchama back to Detroit. Didn’t happen. Stupid polarization, no transcendent peace-lovers.

  9. Why is it that the left wants us to respect “international law” and the “international community” only when it suits them? The UN is an undemocratic institution that deserves to go the way of the League of Nations. I respected the UN when it saved the lives of Bosnians.. Oh wait, that was the US. And remember when the UN saved the Kosovars? Oh yeah, that was the US and NATO.. Well, at least the UN is doing something about Darfur… The Islamic/Arab countries have a lot of votes in the UN and they have oil. Israel is a small country and can’t sway the votes the way, say China can. So these resolutions, like the UN, should just be ignored…

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