UN Human Rights Official: Israel Deserves Better Treatment

Israel should receive more balanced treatment in the UN, particularly in the area of human rights, according to Louise Arbour, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.
According to the Jerusalem Post, Arbour met with Diaspora Minister Natan Sharansky this week and expressed hope that the UN’s much-discussed reforms will result in better treatment for Israel.
But the reforms are unlikely to affect how Israel will fare at the annual meeting of the Commission on Human Rights next week, Arbour said, because the 53-member body was essentially political in nature. However, Arbour told Sharansky she would use the meeting to speak out forcefully against the growing anti-Semitism.
During the meeting, Sharansky reportedly expressed concern that the commission’s treatment of Israel – the fact that Israel was the only country to have a “special report” on its human rights record – gave a false impression of Israel’s human rights record compared to countries that have complete disdain for human rights.
“How it can be that a democratic country, which has many tools to fight against these types of violations, receives a special status at the UN, as if its human rights violations exceed those of all other countries, at a time when there are UN member states that are totalitarian, and where rights for their citizens don’t exist at all?” Sharansky asked.

7 thoughts on “UN Human Rights Official: Israel Deserves Better Treatment

  1. Ha kol besder. Because the UN is as illegitimate organizations that true attentions are exrememly clear to fix the “mistake” they made in 1948.

  2. Louise Arbour is french Canadian, almost all of the french Canadians are haters of Jews, Zion, and Israel.
    I therefore view with scepticism her meeting with Diaspora Minister Sharansky. It’s similar to situations when antisemites visit Holocaust museums.

  3. Remember that Canada has dropped it’s “honest broker” position and has announced it will vote squarely pro-Israel in the UN alongside the US, as it did during the ICJ vote last summer.

  4. Louise Arbour is definitely not a hater of Jews, Zion and Israel.
    non-Jewish francophone Quebecois tend to be more anti-Israel than other Canadians.
    This doesn’t make Lance’s statements any less idiotic and irresponsible.

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