UN Report to ICJ on Fence Ignores Terror

A report delivered by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to the Internationl Court of Justice in the Hague explicity details the harm to Palestinians said to result from Israel’s security fence, however it does not mention a single act of terrorism committed against Israelis. Need any more evidence of the UN’s bias against Israel?

15 thoughts on “UN Report to ICJ on Fence Ignores Terror

  1. Um, it would make sense to detail acts of terrorism if the “fence” was actually meant to stop acts of terrorism. If that was the purpose, they would have built it on the Green Line and no one would have complained.

  2. I don’t know if I can convince you otherwise, but that statement isn’t a proof of intent. The green-line fence was initially a consideration. But it was purposefully not built on the green line so it shouldn’t become the border if the Arabs ever get their state. The right-wing parties don’t want to give any land, much less go strictly by ’67 borders. They were worried that putting a fence on a political border would eventually set state borders. It purposefully goes out of the way to include Jewish towns to include them in the patrols.

  3. I hated it when they wouldn’t give ‘us’ “permission” to start ‘our’ little war. What a pesky bunch. S’all good though. U.S and Israel are holdin strong. They can’t really f with us.

  4. I don’t think that I am. I think it all stems from a similar mentality, a mentality that I think that you decry on the one hand and yet uphold on the other, to differing degrees and never completely.

  5. there’s quite a big difference between the u.s. being denied the right to enforce u.n. resolutions at its own whims and israel’s right to defend itself from terror attacks. contrary to your conceived all-knowingness, the u.n. was hijacked by arab nations quite some time ago.

  6. If the whole of the populaton that is going to be negatively affected by the wall could be shown to be responsible for suicide bombings…
    Maybe talk about hthe wall isn’t the best demonstration of bias against Israel.

  7. Thank you weekender! But I’m sure now mobius would like to pull out his trusty survey (survey’s ar fail proof as we can all tell from the ones regarding Bush’s Presidency, the war, etc., etc. ad infinitum) which says that “60% of all Palestinians support suciude bombings”. You should really be banned from using that survey ever again mobius. It is really offensive. And, even if it were totally true, it still would not support the actions tha you try to use it to support.
    Sorry, as a point of clarification, I don’t mean to be picking on mobius at all…we have just been down these roads b4…familiar terrain. And, for the record, I think a lot of mo’s views, even on this matter, are very right on.

  8. yes, we should all be prevented from bringing facts and statistics into a debate; particularly when they rubbish the fiction our opponents seek to perpetuate.
    auto–if the poll had been prepared by an israeli agency, i could understand your interest in dismissing it; but it was prepared by a very well-respected palestinian agency that, at other times, has noted a decline in support for suicide bombings. currently, that’s just not the case.

  9. I don’t really get what this debate is about, but for the record, I’d suggest both that it’s permissible to insist that international law be followed, and also that it’s permissible to criticize the United Nations’s actions and policies — nor do I understand why there’d be a contradiction between these.

  10. Well, in the areas when the fence did go up, the number of Arab terrorists infiltrating has gone down. Is there need for any other proof?

  11. Maybe 60% support(?) it. Do 60% DO it?
    I’m sure if you imprison the entire population you would, at the same time, imprison the guilty.

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