Under the Mitzvah Tree

Over on WFMU’s Beware of the Blog, we’re nearing the end of their 365 days of music (read: legally downloadable mp3s) project. Today’s entry features the album “Stories Under the Mitzvah Tree.” For those of you who didn’t hear these as children, each track is a different story, dramatically read by children and adults. I had completely forgotten how much I loved this record, until I saw it on the blog today.
Cory at WFMU writes,

My favorite story has always been The Beautiful Garbage Can, in which a garbage can grows big and strong when little Chani won’t eat everything on her plate. The story includes the deathless line, “Oh, my! What a beautiful garbage can you have!” Garbage Can’s narration also includes the telling line, “What do you think of that? Let me tell you.” And in Hillel’s Love for Torah, the piano gets so dramatic that you actually start to fear for little Hillel’s life. (SPOILER ALERT: He lives.)
There are at least two or three other Mitzvah Tree albums out there (and by “out there,” I mean buried at my mother’s house somewhere).
Please do not play on the Sabbath or Holidays.


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