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Unique Menorahs

Whether or not this is truly newsworthy, some of the chanukiahs in this collection will at least make you wonder what the creators were thinking… Hello Kitty menorah? Check. Surfboard menorah? Yup. Mel Gibson Menorah? Of course. (That moose menorah? I saw it at Kolbo last month and instantly loved it. The same artist made a few other animal chanukiahs as well, but the moose was by far the coolest.)
Urlesque (via Neatorama) shares a collection of the “27 Craziest Menorahs.”¬† Worth a scroll through.
Do you have a unique menorah? One you made or found? I’d love to see some pictures in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Unique Menorahs

  1. I had a coworker who owned a vagina menorah – Or what I guess would be more accurately called a “labia menorah”, haha. I’m not even kidding, though. It was both fascinating and disturbing. It was custom made and very detailed and artistic – each candle holder had a sculpted vulva on it. I can’t find a picture of it online so you’ll have to use your imaginations. Or try to scrub the image out of your brains. Depending on your, um, orientation towards such things.

  2. One of my friends has a beautiful menorah that was made by her grandfather. I wish I had a picture of it. Each candle was held aloft by a sculpture of a dancing person – very detailed, three-dimensional, realistic sculptures of men and women, dressed in a rather old-fashioned manner. They were whirling – their coats and skirts flying out as they turned. They weren’t in a line – the whole thing was three-dimensional, maybe two feet square, with the shamash in the middle of the circle of dancers.

  3. I was going to post about the Lego chanukiah I made my boyfriend this year … but apparently it caught on fire and half-melted last night. Oops. Remember to use flame-retardant materials, kids!

  4. i saw a beautiful hanukiah last night, with individual pomegranate-shaped candle holders. it was lovely.
    i think this year i have a thing for the ability to arrange things as you like. i was also taken with one earlier this week that had some kind of joints so you could shape the candle arrangement however.
    that is a terrible description. and i have no pictures.

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