Unity On Lockdown

Pictured below is Jewschool’s own Grubness standing next to one of the many SWAT officers who were patrolling the Unity Sessions last Thursday in Prospect Park.

Personally, I have been to countless Summerstage and Summerstage-like events such as this before in my life and have never seen SWAT guys hanging around with assault rifles before. I mean, everything was excellent that evening, except well, these guys, who kind of made the whole episode a bit unnerving. So what’s the deal? Was some threat made against the event, or did the NYPD decide that when Jews and Muslims get together in a show of solidarity, it’s a target for terror?

Oh, also, you can get a full recap of the event, with excellent photos, from Aaron Bisman himself right here.

4 thoughts on “Unity On Lockdown

  1. I was just going for a beer on Hillel street in Jerusalem when I ran into this guy. I don’t know about Muslims, but Jews are always a target for terror. SWAT guys aside though, I miss living next to Prospect Park ….

  2. Yeah, I think this kind of thing is standard when controversial issues are being played out in large group settings. I was in Cambridge at the city hall at midnight when they started handing out marriage liscences, and there were a couple dozen of these guys.

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