UPZ puts forward a Birthright trip

(a friend passed this on, thought some folks in the jewschool world would dig it. too bad I’m 29– RK)
Discover Israel : Peace, Pluralism, and Social Justice
The Union of Progressive Zionists is partnering with IsraelExperts to bring you a unique Taglit-Birthright Israel opportunity! This trip, which is a free gift from Taglit–Birthright Israel , is designed for 18-27 ( turning 27 after May 1) year olds looking to experience both Israel ‘s beauty and its complexity, as they grapple with the challenges facing Israel and the Jewish people as a whole. The trip will be leaving from New York on May 31st, and returning on June 10th. Registration starts February 15th at 9:00 AM. To do so go to this website: /indexbi.html [See fotnotes below.] Participants will:
Meet with Israeli and Palestinian politicians, peace activists educators and journalists;
Learn about NGOs working for social justice in Israel ; visit a Urban Kibbutz and learn about communal ways of living;
See the separation barrier and find out how it affects everyday life for Israelis and Palestinians;
Get a feel for the different sectors of Israeli society;
Tour famous sites such as Masada, The Israeli Knesset, the Sea of Galilee and have a night out in Tel Aviv;
Understand the complexities of the country and develop a meaningful connection to the land and the people of Israel
You are eligible for a Taglit-birthright Israel trip if you have never been to Israel on a peer group tour before. If you are eligible, don’t miss this amazing opportunity! Also, please spread the word to everyone and anyone who might be interested. Registration for spring/summer trips fills very quickly. Registration begins February 15 at 9am!
** When you register PLEASE MAKE SURE to write UPZ in the referred by section in order to ensure it is a UPZ bus!!!!

2 thoughts on “UPZ puts forward a Birthright trip

  1. I went on this trip last summer and it is awesome. If your thinking about going on Birthtight go on this trip. If your not thinking about going on Birthright go on this trip. Trust me you’ll learn a lot and have a lot of fun.

  2. I’ll weigh in too – I just worked this past weekend as a “Shabbat Guide” for an Israel Experts birthright trip and I was pleased to see that the approach of the Israeli staff and the program as a whole was open-minded and pluralistic, and didn’t toe any party-lines. And the participants were having a terrific time in Israel.

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