US Congressman Nadler “Astounded By Irsaeli Restraint”

Gerald [sic]* Nadler, US congressman from Long Island was overwhelmed by what he saw this morning: “It is simply horrifying to see it up close, to see the pieces of human flesh on the ground,” he told Maariv Online.

Israel’s restraint is remarkable to Nadler: “Any other nation on earth under attack as Israel is would have already begun bombing the Palestinian Authority. If this had happened in America, you would already see the B-52’s in the air, blowing up the place where the terrorists were sent from. It is sheer hypocrisy on the part of those who say that Israel must not build the security barrier.” Nadler added that the images of what he saw remind him of the period of the Holocaust.

Doesn’t this qualify as rhetoric already?

*It’s Jerrold, ya bastids. Gahd, you’d think they were from another country or sumfin.

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