Utterly Sickening

Extreme right-wing activists of the outlawed Kach party this weekend celebrated the tenth anniversary of Baruch Goldstein’s 1994 massacre of 29 Palestinian worshipers in Hebron.

During the Purim holiday ten years ago, Goldstein murdered 29 Muslims during a prayer service at the Cave of the Patriarchs before being overcome and killed by the angry worshipers. Memorial services for Goldstein were held Saturday morning at Kiryat Arba and Hebron synagogues, and sextons called him “a saintly person,” Maariv reported.

I’m going to fucking puke. Which part of ùֹׁôֵêְ ãַּí äָàָãָí, áָּàָãָí ãָּîåֹ éִùָּׁôֵêְ: ëִּé áְּöֶìֶí àֱìֹäִéí, òָùָׂä àֶú-äָàָãָí (“Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God He made man”), is the one that says “except for Palestinians, whose killers we shall laud with praise on the 10th anniversary of their massacre?” I don’t seem to be quite clear on that bit… And apparently, neither does God.

7 thoughts on “Utterly Sickening

  1. It’s good that you’re “going to fucking puke” because you’re a self hating jew. I’ve never read of your revulsion expressed in these terms when its us Jews getting killed by our enemies. Try not to swallow.

  2. which one of those 29 palestinians goldstein killed killed a jew? he’s a hero?
    you clearly don’t read jewschool regularly, or else you would see that i regularly condemn suicide bombers and also criticize the extreme left for its antisemitic tendencies.
    i regularly volunteer for organizations which raise money for the victims of suicide bombers. so please, do not dare question my motivations.
    it’s fuckers like you who killed rabin, and all our hopes for peace.

  3. Why are you so malicious? Did you have a bad day? or a bad life? I do understand your motivations for your being a leftist peacenick, your yichus notwithstanding – there are losers in the best of families. You just happen to be stupid and naive.

  4. i love how i’m being called a malicious loser because i’m standing up to a person who calls me a self-hating jew for honoring the 6th commandment: THOU SHALT NOT MURDER.

  5. This massacre took place in 1994. Massacres against Jews are taking place now all the time. I think your priorities should not be in condemning some whackos praying over Goldsteins shrine. Rather you should condemn things such as the first Hamas propoganda video just made in English. And the still living Hamas commander saying Israel will end soon. And the fact that Hamas is constructing a Army in Gaza. You can blame the current intifada and the death of 1000 jews on the 1994 massacre of 29 arabs by goldstein, but I will never by that ridiculous argument.

  6. first of all–where did i make that argument?
    further, why do i have to naysay arabs when i have lgf and daniel pipes to do it for me? there are more than enough angry jewish blogs talking smack about palestinians. i think we jews need one that takes stock of our own house. cuz lord knows if a gentile ran a site like this, the internet hagganah would take it down in an instant.
    not to mention that i do plenty of criticizing hamas on jakeneck, our secular-political sister site.
    i blame the death of 1000 jews on the disposession of 800,000 arabs. not to mention the 3000 arabs who have been killed since the intifada started, if you’re chalking up numbers here.

  7. I don’t claim to be an expert on the topic, but if others are free to put in their two shekels’ worth, so will I. Baruch Goldstein, who knew Arabic, had heard whispers and seen flyers warning fellow Arabs to stockpile food….in preparation for a mass attack on Jews. A massacre was in the works. Goldstein, who had hitherto led an exemplary life, decided that he had to do something drastic to forestall a pogrom. He attacked the rabs. Even if they WERE worshipping when he attacked them, they were nonetheless among those wh had been shouting (in Arabic) “Slaughter the Jews!” earlier that day. Goldstein was willing to relinquish his life and his portion in the Olam Habo to save his fellow Jews. The pogrom was prevented…but his act had tremendous repercussions for Hebron. This is not to condone his act, but what he did, he did to protect Jews. Yes he killed 29 Arab worshippers. Yes, it was a horrifying deed. But the Arabs would have killed Jews, and with or without that deed, would still find reasons to kill Jews–if reasons wewre needed.

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