Visioning Tibet Screening

visioning tibet.bmpIf any of you haven’t seen the movie Visioning Tibet, I strongly recommend you keep it on your radar even if you can’t make the screening at Makor next Thursday.
“Visioning Tibet tells the stories of two of Tibetans, Karma and Lhasang, who make the arduous journey to a remote clinic in the hopes that Tibetan doctors can restore their sight using technology and surgical training provided by Dr. Lieberman. Filmed over three years, Visioning Tibet uses breathtaking cinematography to provide a view of contemporary Tibet and its people seldom seen by international audiences.”
Thursday, February 2, 7:30 pm at the Makor/Steinhardt Center

5 thoughts on “Visioning Tibet Screening

  1. If our own experience is any guide, in a generation or two the Tibetans will be seen as usurpers of land that belongs to the Xiazang Chinese; any reestablishment of Tibetan national self-determination will be routinely condemned by the peace and human rights NGOs as a remnant of colonial imperialism; UN General Assembly resolutions will condemn Tibetan nationalism as a racist practice holding one people superior over another…..

  2. This is not a movie about Tibet nationalism. It is primarily a story about a region with the highest per capita of untreated cataracts in the world (because of the altitude, terrain, and lifestyle of the Tibetans), and one man’s mission to help them.
    Here is the actual link.
    It isn’t just a movie interesting to Tibetan nationalist sympathizers, I can assure you of that.

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