Walking in all Your ways

Online registration is now open for the 2009 National Havurah Committee Summer Institute! You can also apply for the Hollander Social Justice Fellowship (due March 30), the Everett Fellows Program (for ages 22-32, due May 1), and other scholarships and travel grants (first-round deadline May 1).
The list of courses looks great this year, and I hear some of them are already starting to fill up, so register soon!

  • Aviva Chernick – Finding Your Voice: Singing the Divine
  • Simona Aronow – Dancing With the Tree of Life
  • Ellen Frankel – What’s So Jewish about Jewish Folktales?
  • Richard Friedman – Sefer HaBloggadah: An Introduction to Sefer HaAggada
  • Harold Gorvine – A Jewish View of Jesus
  • Hillel Gray – Deviant Judges, Foul Factories, and Bio-medical Marvels: Turning Points in Jewish Law
  • David Greenstein – The Walking Stories of the Zohar
  • Aaron Kachuck – Almost Famous: Books that Didn’t Make the Biblical Cut
  • Stuart Mangel – Walking and Resting With God After the Seven Days of Creation: Sustaining the Order of the World with Jewish Ritual Practices
  • Ethan Merlin – What Would Mordecai Kaplan Do? Study William James!
  • Jonathan Rubenstein – The Mitzvah of Challah: Bread Making and Sacred Eating
  • Devorah Schoenfeld – The Ever-Renewing Literal Sense: Alternatives in the Literal Interpretation of Scripture
  • Jonah Steinberg – Become Divine


  • Adele Wayman – Creating Altars and Rituals for your Journey
  • Julie Aronowitz and Emily Fishman – Jewish Tithing in the 21st Century
  • Ben Dreyfus – Shabbat for the Land: Shemitah in the 21st Century
  • Bob Freedman – Walking in God’s Ways
  • Susan Gulack – Kol Atzmotai Tomarnah / Let My Bones Praise God: Sign Language Prayer
  • Benj Kamm – Piyyutim: A Musical Journey Through Jewish Liturgical Poetry
  • Emma Kippley-Ogman – Hebron: Burial Ground to Ghost Town
  • Diane Klein – Jews, Blacks, and the Idea of Race
  • Vanessa L. Ochs – Objects of Our Affection: How Holy Objects, Old and New, Give Our Lives Spiritual Shape
  • Louis Rieser – Rain in its Season: Coping with Exile
  • Brent Chaim Spodek – Jewish Theories of Justice
  • David Weiss – Maimonides: Cure of Souls
  • Aryeh Wineman – How the Hasidic Masters Read the Torah

One thought on “Walking in all Your ways

  1. Walking in All Your Ways…now that just screams doing something about queer/trans Jews, conversion and more. Hope that’s in the mix!

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