One thought on “Walking on Broken Glass

  1. “the ancient mystical religion”
    “Moore reportedly converted Kutcher to kabbalah”
    What the F*ck? Can someone please explain to me what is going on with the current Kabblah craze and the faux mitzvoth WASPy children are having? And have you noticed that Yiddish words are used, not just as mainstream slang, but as mainstream proper English words? One could make a strong argument that the US is slowly being Judenized (sp?). One might suggest a Darwinian struggle occurring, where a stronger, more ‘fit’ set of ideas (religion, culture) might be winning the evolutionary arms race. Or, one could say that the Jews are being more brazen in their world control and are willing to openly force good Whites to use their language and customs. Hehe, I actually like the last one. It makes me laugh at those poor fools who might seriously consider it a possibility.

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