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Walmart Macht Frei

Interesting little tidbit from Consumerist: For the past six weeks, Walmart has been selling a t-shirt that, intentionally or not, contains insignia from the Waffen-SS. As Consumerist notes, the offending imagery was quite possibly the result of “a hack designer googling for skull pix”. But although Walmart apologized for the error, the offending tee is still in stores.
The original blogger’s report is here.

7 thoughts on “Walmart Macht Frei

  1. I’m the blogger that originally wrote about this. The guy that made the shirts for Wal-Mart is indeed Jewish. He didn’t design them though. He or somebody that works for him copied the design from some slicky trendy designer who lifted the image from the Nazi Waffen SS.
    Here is the link to the article about the company that made the shirts for Wal-Mart:
    Don’t believe that article. I’m not a WW2 “buff”, nor do I want to be one.

  2. What’s worse, the fact that a capitalist in Miami skipped his research and let this slip by, or the fact that the logo was in a European trends book in the first place??? The Nazi Waffen-SS is one of this year’s European trends?

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