“Walter! You’re Polish Catholic!”

Contain yourselves. Lebowski Fest is on its way to the Big Apple. But in a twist of irony that stings like lemon juice on a paper cut, the party falls out on Shabbos.

I know, I know. I don’t roll on f*cking Shabbos. Shomer Shabbos. Shomer f*cking Shabbos.

For all you hell-bound apikorsim, though, the info:

Friday August 13th, 2004
Lebowski Fest New York Pre-Party @ The Knitting Factory – 74 Leonard St – Manhattan – Music by New York’s own Bling Kong [editor’s note: Bling Kong is the brain child of our very own Mobius], The Trouble With Sweeney, AM Sunday, SKL as “Autobahn”, and Medina Sod. Plus an appearance by The Squallis Pupeteers and Jeff “The Dude” Dowd. Doors @ 8PM. Music @ 9. Movie @ Midnight. 21+ – $15 More details on the bands.

Saturday August 14th, 2004
Lebowski Fest New York @ The Cozy Bowl – 98-18 Rockaway Blvd – Queens – 8pm to 1am. All Ages- $25
– Two floors – 64 Lanes
– Celebrity appearance by Jeff “The Dude” Dowd
– Bowling* and Shoe rental included
– Costume, Trivia, Bowling, and Farthest Traveled Contests
– White Russians, Oat Sodas, and other beverages, man
– What-Have-You

“Three thousand years of beautiful tradition from Moses to Sandy Koufax, you’re goddamn right I’m living in the past!” (It had to be said.)

7 thoughts on ““Walter! You’re Polish Catholic!”

  1. Fuck. I was just in NYC, but had to come back to fucking Berkeley. Can’t believe I’m going to miss this.

  2. My favorite line in any movie, anywhere, is when John Goodman grumbles: “I’m as Jewish as fucking Tevye.”

  3. see my email correspondance below:
    first i wrote:
    dude what about those of us who don’t roll on
    shabbos? we’re lebowski
    fans too. some of the true shomerei shabbos (plurals
    of shomer shabbat)
    folks are sad not to be able to make it out for the
    then they wrote:
    bowling doesnt begin until after the sun goes down on
    shomar fucking shabbos!

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