Wanted: Monologues On "Why I Shouldn't Be Drafted Into The IDF"

Ofer Golani is a handful. In addition to being a well-known Jerusalem folksinger (who regularly performs exquisite Hebrew covers of Leonard Cohen’s music), he is the founder of Guns2Guitars, an organization seeking to demilitarize Israeli society by encouraging youth of conscription age to opt for civil service (rather than military service), and become music teachers. The following is his latest idea…
Auditions Can Demilitarize Israel ôøåéé÷è և”ï
The army experience is central in Israel. The untold truth is that no one serves unless they want to. Married women avoid it, religious boys and girls, pacifist girls. Anyone with a big mouth and is not intimidated. Anyone who can act!
ôøåéé÷è և”ï uses the crucial minutes of the psychiatrist interview with intent to get a discharge as an actor’s audition. 10 minutes. Give it your best shot! Your most convincing argument for àé äúàîä. Why you should not be drafted polished to a 10 minute audition. Reality TV.
Advertised in acting schools and high schools, the possibility of being in a play, a movie and a book of the 100 best monologues will cause many to think of powerful presentations. Consciousness raising. Education to the enlightenment workshop that all one needs to not play the game is to know how to say “NO” with conviction and style. Rehearse. Come prepared.
The auditions are videotaped at a location fitted as a military psychiatrist’s office, placed on a website (ACTV , Keta Keta) with an interactive vote for the best auditions. Viewed by those who know they can do better. The top 10 are released as a documentary film (with Dutch subtitles). The 20 best a play. The 100 best a book.
We have a vision, we need a location, video camera, advertising and webmaster.
Are you in a video school? …Do you know someone who is? WAKE UP… PASS IT ON…
You can contact Ofer through his website, guns2guitars.org.

10 thoughts on “Wanted: Monologues On "Why I Shouldn't Be Drafted Into The IDF"

  1. ofer must be one disgusting character: yes ofer, you get out of serving in the military so that the muslims can cross the border and murder, rape and destroy every man woman gir and boy in israell (only the jewish and xtian ones of course). reminds me of the slogan of so many bush haters in america: “war never solves anything”. nothing that is execpt nazism, communism, slavery

  2. Reason # 27 Not to Join the Army:
    The State of Israel is not worth defending.

    == Only in America are Jews safe. Make Aliyah to America NOW!

  3. I had a similar idea a while ago. Some stories I hear about getting out of the army are just so funny its about time something used that material.

  4. It’s all very fine and noble for Mr. Golani to work for the “demilitarization” of Israel. But I’d suggest he wait until Israel’s neighbours unconditionally recognize her right to exist, stop funding and training terrorists, stop actively teaching and tolerating antisemitism (hello Egypt), and become democracies.

  5. I’m glad we can all agree. : ) No but seriously, only when Israeli society becomes less and less militarized will the Palestinian people begin to be treated like human beings instead of caged animals. Its about human rights, and that is a major Jewish value. If we don’t uphold our values in our land than what is the point of the state being Jewish?

  6. Wow – what a countryman. His fellow are taking their places to fight the only thing worth fighting for, the lives of your family and the home of the Jewish people, and he is offering guitar lessons.
    Sounds like you are quite the coward. If you are unhappy with eretz Israel and the military program, I hear their is some nice property in Gaza waiting for you.

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