War News Round-up

Found buried at the end of an article in the Jerusalem Post: “Defense officials told the Post last week that they were receiving indications from the United States that the US would be interested in seeing Israel attack Syria.”
CNN reports: Eyewitness: Mass burial in Lebanon
Uri Avnery writes: “In the Gunsight: Syria! or: A Nice Little War” – IT IS the old story about the losing gambler: he cannot stop. He continues to play, in order to win his losses back. He continues to lose and continues to gamble, until he has lost everything: his ranch, his wife, his shirt.
Avnery also advises: “THE REAL aim is to change the regime in Lebanon and to install a puppet government.”
The New York Times, in an essay entitled “Israel Is Powerful, Yes. But Not So Invincible” calculates: “The very clear winner, for the moment at least, was Hezbollah and its leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah.”
Gideon Levy writes in Ha’aretz “Days of Darkness” – one of the best essays I’ve read about the current Lebanon/Israel conflict

2 thoughts on “War News Round-up

  1. Didn’t the head of Peace Now deny that it had taken part in an anti-war demonstration, when some journalist had mistakenly said it had?
    A few years ago, while attempting to research Israeli opposition to the wall, I wrote to Mr. Levy, asking for some leads. He wrote back, saying he wished there were some (when the article was published, I mailed him a hard copy of the journal).
    While reading his ‘Days of Darkness,’ I was finding myself about to forgive him his email, until I came to the end of the piece.
    Is it possible that he did not know about the 5,000 Israelis who met in Rabin Square, last Saturday? Or that he knows nothing of the latest spontaneous protest outside the Defense Ministry?
    Thanks for posting Mr. Avnery’s work, and acknowledging Gush Shalom…

  2. seriously — i have no idea where gidon levy is, but he’s obviously not in israel. i don’t hear any rah rah rah coming from anyone. only lots of remorse, lots of reservation, and lots of hope that we’ll come out on the other end of this thing all right.

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