15 thoughts on “We Heart You Too

  1. “doesn’t your posting alias?”
    If I was a white shiksa comedienne or a wanna-be ghetto wigger-blogger, you would be correct.
    But then again, are you even Jew?

  2. Why not a blond girl with a “I Love Black Dick” t-shirt?
    That would be a cute “t”…

  3. Comparing a I love Jew Cock and I love Black Dick T shirt does not really get your point across . Being the last of the Jewish Niggers u should be aware that in majority white american culture, the black man is highly sexualized/over sexualized, while the Jewish man is commonly seen as nebbish, small dicked and nerdy. Therefore, having a shirt that says I love Jew Cock kind of flips the situation around, creating a comedic effect. Having a shirt that says I love Black Dick, just maintains the racist over sexualizing of the black male. In away, I think it’s a great shirt because it shows the Jewish man as being desirable and sexy.

  4. Yes, you’re right of course. I should have suggested “I Love Conversations with Sensitive Black Intellectuals (and Jewish Cock)”.
    However, post-colonialist jerk-off artists must keep in mind that valorizing “the other” is still objectifying “the other.”

  5. Your all just cockin around. Jew cock rules and everyone knows it. Some people just dont want to admit it. We got the magic shtick.

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