We Need To Be Praying Harder

“Dear God, please take us back to the days of back alley coat hanger abortions, as is in accordance with your divine will.”
A new internship for Christian college students sends kids off to DC for three months to fast and pray, seven days a week, for the imposition of fundamentalist Christian ideology on the American public.

The Justice House of Prayer (JHOP) exists to raise up a house of prayer to contend with every other house that challenges the Lordship and supremacy of Christ over all affairs.
Birthed out of theCall prayer assemblies and theCause prayer initiative, the Justice House of Prayer is a community of young and old who seek to lift a continuous (24/7) cry of worship and intercession for and out of our nation’s capitol.
The primary motivation of all that is done at JHOP is to pour out our extravagant love and devotion to Jesus Christ who is worthy of all praise and adoration. At the same time, a unique and defining characteristic of JHOP is governmental intercession as delineated by the 1 Timothy 2 mandate. True reformation, revival, and revolution in our nation will only be born out of a spiritual shift and this can only occur when we have altered the spiritual atmosphere and power structure through sustained prayer and fasting. And to that end, JHOP was established.

Watch this disturbing video clip on ABC news to the see ’em in action, rocking out against a woman’s right to choose. (Ignore the crude anti-religious comments of the person hosting the video.)
The unanimous conclusion of my Shabbos guests to whom I showed the video clip (motzei Shabbat, before you ask!) was that, on the one hand, it’s inspiring to see their commitment. On the other hand, it’s repugnant and revulsing to see what they’re committed to.
Does the left need a shteeble of its own in DC?

4 thoughts on “We Need To Be Praying Harder

  1. that is a tremendous amount of time, money ($7k/mo in rent!), energy and effort that could be expended to improve the lives of the already-born.. but who I suppose gives a damn about them?

  2. That is the only way that things of God will get done. We need to be on our knees seeking God’s face in this Country.

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