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Weekend delights!

Hope all have a fabulous Simchas Torah!
And for your weekend pleasure:
JVoices brings you:

  • Raising Jewish Boys
  • Here’s Just the Ticket
  • Aaron and Sharon love Shabbat
  • A series of interviews on identity and community
  • What “looking Jewish” can bring up in Starbucks
  • Finally, tune into Beyond the Pale this Sunday for a 2-hour special on Soviet Jewish writer Vasily Grossman:

    Beyond the Pale
    Sunday, October 15, noon to 2 p.m.
    WBAI/New York, 99.5 FM
    VASILY GROSSMAN was a celebrated correspondent for the Soviet paper Red
    Star, assigned to cover the Eastern Front during World War II. He was
    also a novelist, whose early work was embraced by the Soviet Writers’
    Union, but whose perspective became so critical of the Soviet state
    over time that the manuscript of his greatest novel, Life and Fate, was
    confiscated by authorities and wasn’t published until after his death.
    Barely Jewish-identified before the war, he was one of the first
    reporters to document the massacre of Jews by the Nazis in the
    Ukraine–his own mother was a victim–and to enter the camp of
    Treblinka, experiences that profoundly changed his perspective. His
    November 1944 report on Treblinka, based on eyewitness reports from
    neighbors and a handful of survivors, was published only in an obscure
    journal in the Soviet Union, but gained fame when it was used as
    evidence at Nurenburg.
    During the past year, Grossman’s work has been rediscovered and
    republished to much acclaim. His journals of his years covering the
    war have for the first time been published in A Writer At War: Vasily
    Grossman with the Red Army, 1941-1945, translated and edited by Antony
    Beevor and Luba Vinogradova, and his great novel, Life and Fate, has
    been reissued by the New York Review of Books.
    On Sunday we’ll speak with ANTONY BEEVOR, author of the definitive
    history of the battle of Stalingrad (Stalingrad) and the historian most
    responsible for the rediscovery of Grossman, as well as ROBERT
    CHANDLER, the translator of Life and Fate. Actors JUDITH MALINA and
    HANON REZNIKOV will join us live to read excerpts from Life and Fate
    and A Writer at War.

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