Weekend Update: Jewish quotables

As it usually does, Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment has some religious humor thrown in. This past weekend, we were treated to three Jewish nuggets:

TINA FEY: “The Jewish holiday of Passover began at sundown Wednesday. Jews all over the world gathered at Seder tables and asked the traditional question: ‘Deal or No Deal?'”
AMY POEHLER: “It was announced this week that for the first time, the Latin Grammy Awards will be held in New York, while the Jewish Grammys will be held in Puerto Vallarta.”
TINA FEY: “A group of ultra-Orthodox Jewish hackers are waging a war against porn Web sites by replacing the content with a single photo of the late rabbi Menachem Schneerson. Which sends away millions of web porn-surfers, although you know there’s gotta be one guy who sees this and is like, ‘Jackpot!'”

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