Welcome To Mechitza Street

Bnei-Brak introduces a sex-segregated street—men and women must walk on opposite sides—a rule which applies everyone, residents tourists etc.

Ironically, this is more understandable to me than the high school principal who told students to cross to the other side of the street if we should happen to approach or pass a member of the opposite sex on shabbos afternoon, lest we be put in the awkward position saying “good shabbos.”

2 thoughts on “Welcome To Mechitza Street

  1. While I commend Maariv for publishing a seemingly objective article about the ultra-orthodox without the usual derision, the lack of request for comment from the Vishnitz community itself regarding this issue reduces the credibility of the story and the newspaper itself.
    At least a picture of a road sign to confirm this, or was it just overheard at a ‘journalists’ bar.

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