The Human Animal

Rabbi Dov Wolpe of Kiryat Gat is of the opinion that Israeli re-alignment will lead to divine wrath. And, should divine wrath fail to arrive in a timely manner, he’s got alternatives.

The SOS Israel organization also has a clear plan for dealing with horses and mounted police officers who will take part in the evacuation if it takes place.
“It can’t be that horses will decide the fate of the Land of Israel. It’s enough that we have leaders that are similar to animals,” the rabbi said.

My favorite line?

“We are pushing back the arrival of the messiah due to loathing of the Land of Israel.”

What I’m trying to figure out is… is he pushing back the Messiah’s arrival by being an intractable jackass through force of will and faith? By inciting further violence in an already inflammatory situation? Or just through the deplorable conduct and rhetoric of wishing ill on a fellow human being?

3 thoughts on “The Human Animal

  1. In the recent jewschool tradition of “beware of the christian”, here we have a true christian on our hands: is it worse to hurt police officers, most of whom are Jewish, or to keep away the messiah? what would a true christian (messianic Jew) answer?

  2. Uhm.
    In hurting a police officer and wishing pain and suffering on another, you ARE keeping away the messiah.
    There are alternatives to resistance that do not require violence.

  3. 1. Even though you “crossed it out,” your jackass comment was clearly Lashon haRa.
    2. Nowhere did Wolpe “wish” ill upon Olmert; he merely said it “my” happen.
    3. I also seemed to have missed the part where he advocates violence against policeman.

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