West Boca Chabad Services End In Bloodshood

KRT reports,

Solemn Rosh Hashana services being held in a storefront synagogue in west Boca Raton, Fla., to mark the Jewish New Year came to a shocking halt Tuesday afternoon when two feuding congregants walked outside and one shot the other twice in the chest at point blank range.

Full story. More in the Miami Herald here. (c/o Cara)

2 thoughts on “West Boca Chabad Services End In Bloodshood

  1. I can’t believe it! Did that really happen?? My cousin goes to that shul!
    May our teshuva over the next few days be a z’chus for their neshamas. G’mar Chasima Tova.

  2. Yes, I was there. It was terrible. My younger brothers were next to the man who was shot when he came inside the shul and said “he shot me, i’ve been shot” and fell to the floor, his body covered in blood. The rabbi had spoken about a half hour earlier about how life can change within one second…and miracles happen everyday. Escaping from the shul with my whole family, was a miracle for sure. Baruch Hashem.

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