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What keeps you hopeful and/or invested in a two-state solution for the future of Israel and Palestine?

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7 thoughts on “What keeps you hopeful and/or invested in a two-state solution for the future of Israel and Palestine?

  1. Can I blog about how HISTORY keeps me hopeful DESPITE a planned two-state solution for the future of Israel and Palestine, because we have an uncanny ability to survive despite our many misguided, self-inflicted, capitulations to murderers. Will I still get to go to jstreet?

  2. Funny, I was going to ask if i can win if I think it’s hopeless. Israel’ security aparatus has controled the violence to the point where Israel has no incentive to negotiate. Thus, occupation will become aparthide, leading to a revolt that will not be so easy to put down. Sorry ?????? the dream is over. Come out to the diaspora where it’s cozy, safe, and warm.

  3. Damn, why can’t jewschool comments display Hebrew. Must be an anti-Zionist plot. The ???? above should say “tzionim”.

  4. JStreet needs to show it (and its backers) are not anti ISrael. Linking to the fact that Mr. Grossman lost his son in a (stupid and hopeless) war demonstrates that to many people.
    And CoA, I so feverntly wish you were wrong, but you just might be right.

  5. I am hopeful for some sort of resolution, but try not to be specific about one state v. two, just counting on the “long arc” eliminating unjust solutions of whatever framework. There does seem to be a shift right now in the Jewish community, and Jstreet is doing a fabulous job fueling and seizing that moment. No need to attack Toronto Film Festival Protest though!

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