Whatcha up to August 3-9?

Hollander Social Justice Fellowship
Do you have a social justice cause you are passionate about and want to pursue with the NHC Summer Institute community? Apply for the Hollander Social Justice Fellowship. You will receive a $400 scholarship towards Institute fees and up to $100 for materials or preparation, in exchange for planning social justice oriented programming for the NHC Summer Institute community. Your proposal needs to include at least three hours of programming on a relevant and nonpartisan social justice issue. This programming could consist of a daytime workshop (or series of workshops), an evening community-wide program, Kids Camp or Everett programs, and/or a Shabbat program. We expect that the strongest applications will come from people with at least three to five years of professional or volunteer experience in their area. Preference will be given to people involved in an ongoing social justice campaign (or launching a campaign) who wish to bring it to the NHC Summer Institute community.
Submit a completed NHC Summer Institute registration form and deposit online. (Deposit is refundable if your application is not selected.) In addition, submit to [email protected] by March 30th, 2009 brief answers to the following questions in 2-3 pages:
* What are your project’s goals?
* How will the project be carried out (programming, methods, resources you will need)? Note that your plan needs to include at least three hours of programming.
* How can the issue be brought back to participants’ home communities? How is your project relevant to the NHC Summer Institute community?
* What resources/knowledge/skills do you bring to this project that will make it effective?
* What is your experience or background (professional or volunteer) with the social justice issue your project will address?
* Give an example of a successful social justice project you have worked on and describe your role was in helping make it successful.

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