10 thoughts on “When ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of American Jews Agree

  1. Of course we did, but many of them are impacted by the Iraq war — e.g. the government doesn’t have money to spend on domestic issues because we’re already blowing billions in Iraq.

  2. This is not a goal or policy. It just means what BZ said- impact. Just because this is not Babylon does not mean the war in Babylon doesn’t directly affect all the other things.

  3. uhhhh….it’s definitely not clear from the poll data whether the Iraq war was most important TO THEM. rather, it could be that the Jews all perceived the war to be the most important issue to Americans during the election. I mean, it was an extremely important issue to the outcome of the election, no?

  4. I certainly hope there was a huge margin of error. Cause that wasn’t my biggest issue in the election. And I believe, since I’m a Jew, that means it wasn’t 100%.

  5. There were less than 30 Jews in the dataset the survey was based on, which isn’t really enough to draw conclusions like this from. Especially considering that response-bias among Jews usually skews data more than for other groups. Polls just aren’t very reliable with numbers that small, which might be why when the Pew center published the findings, they didn’t even include Jews in their tables.

  6. BZ’s assertion that it’s ëðâã ëåìí is not far off the mark, because it’s emblematic of all that is wrong with this administration. From the lies, to the expense, to the corruption, to the callous disregard for the troops, to the cuts to the VA, even as troops sustain injuries, to his misappropriation of state militia for the effort, to the hanging out to dry of nothings like Lynndie England for orders that came on high, it is all emblematic.
    Lies – Emblematic of contempt of Congress.
    Disregard for Troops – A utilitarian view of people not of his social class
    Cuts to VA – A willingness to discard human beings he has injured.
    Lynndie England – Complete avoidance of reponsibility for his actions; the notion that the lower classes exist to take the fall for the aristocracy.
    Misappropriation of State Militia – Contempt for state sovereignty.

  7. How irrelevant and meaningless.
    The war (as well as global terrorism) is my most important issue as it is to my liberal pals.
    Difference is their most impotrant issue is pulling out and my most important issue is achieving victory.
    In this vain extreme pro-lifers and extreme pro-choicers would agree that “abortion” is their most important issue. Yet their views could be no further apart.

  8. Based on these responses, who can guess the member of the Republicanism cult? Let’s see, the survey is meaningless since there’s no indication of respondents’ specific position on Iraq, notwithstanding the fact that they all regard it as a political issue of paramount importance. Gee, I wonder if we might infer their positions, based on the fact that EIGHTY-SEVEN PERCENT of Jews voted for Democratic candidates. Any hint there? The other part I like is the “victory” delusion; it must be nice to go through life with such a wide-eyed, child-like outlook, imagining that complex geopolitical conflicts are just like WWF matches, NASCAR races, highschool football games, and other Republican pastimes: “rah, rah, rah, sis boom bah: VICTORY.” Just click your ruby slippers together and say to yourself “I believe in victory” three times. That way you can just ignore the fact that tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians are dead, that the country has virtually disintegrated into a Hobbesian state of nature, and that there’s no remotely conceivable possibility that the country can be turned into the “young democracy” that the imbecile-in-chief keeps babbling about. Oh, and while doing your victory dance, make sure to keep the real world at bay by thinking up new ways to describe the attitude of those who don’t believe in fairies and unicorns: “appeasement,” “surrender,” “defeatist,” “cut-and-run,” “politically correct,” “coward,” “treason,” etc., etc., etc.

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