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When the revolution comes…

Via My Right Word:

According to […] Thursday’s Ma’ariv, a Yeshiva bachur […] propsitioned a seminary girl in a Hareidi town in Yesha. Yup, according to the story, it was a matter of S-x for Money.
She told her friends and classmates, they marched over to the Yeshiva, spotted the supposed felon, started yelling at him, his friends came to his aid and before you could say Jake Rabinowitz, the girls had beat up the boys. Feminine fisticuffs.

You can only be kept down so long before you rise up.
It’s just one rude awakening after another, ain’t it?

5 thoughts on “When the revolution comes…

  1. I don’t have a huge amount of love for SemGirls, but I *adore* it when they beat down guys for being un-tznius. It’s so post modern. But, one has to wonder how they beat him up without touching him…

  2. I expect that the girls’ yeshiva will give them a mussar talk on how this wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t agreed to talk to him in the first place and that in any case, one should not learn from men beating women that the opposite is permitted, while the boy’s yeshiva will decide to marry this bachur off ASAP, thinking that he’s only misbehaving because he doesn’t have a legitimate sexual outlet, and that once he is married he will be transformed into a mentch.

  3. Or maybe it was just a teenage boy acting inappropriately with a teenage girl, and then a bunch of teenage girls beat up a bunch of teenage boys? There was no indication in this story that this was anything other than teenagers being stupid.

  4. “But, one has to wonder how they beat him up without touching him…”
    This is where clubs come in handy.

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