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Where Are New York's Jews?

If you’re wandering the streets of New York, working on deadline and trying to find Jews to interview, where on earth should you go?
Why, the Diamond District and Katz’s Deli, of course!
That’s what the AP did in this video news report.
For a better AP story on a related topic (American reaction to Sharon’s illness), go here. The piece focuses on younger Jews who feel less of a connection to Israel than did previous generations.

2 thoughts on “Where Are New York's Jews?

  1. Nice. They forgot to visit a shtibl, a Holocaust museum, and, uh, my mom’s kitchen.
    Rachel Zoll is the AP religion writer. Is it weird that the AP only has one religion writer? Maybe there are others I don’t know about. She usually does a pretty good job, and she obviously has a pulse on the organized Jewish community (Yitz Greenberg) even some of the younger organized community (Amy Tobin) but her piece is the opposite of the video report because she only talks to the deeply engaged Jews and let’s THEM talk about the unengaged, instead of actually going out and finding a few of the “Jews on the street” (i.e., “Jews in the deli”).

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