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Where is the Justice?

I just read Rabbi Arik Ascherman’s recent post, which describes the scene on the ground in Sheikh Jarakh. My first response, sadness and anger. After that, I’m just left thinking of the insanity of a settlement movement that is not just growing new communities on Palestinian land, but is actively taking over house by house and throwing Palestinians out of the houses they currently live in. I guess this is the lesson of Hebron. If it worked there, why not take the tactic to Jerusalem?

3 thoughts on “Where is the Justice?

  1. From what I understand from reading Haaretz and other Israeli newspapers is that the house once used to belong to a Jewish family kicked out of East Jerusalem in 1948. UNRWA was desperate to find shelter for the Arab refugees so they housed them in the vacant home.

  2. The Jewish buyers probably have a legal right to move in, but is it fair that an innocent Arab family was evicted over a legal issue?
    In addition, do we want to open up the property records for Jerusalem neighborhoods such as Baka and Talbiyeh, and take those issues to the courts? Of course not–at least I don’t want that.

  3. If the settlers are willing to exchange their rights to 7 houses in east jerusalem for the entirety of yaffo and haifa, that’s their right. I just want to understand how they plan on getting food to their legally owned house with no seaports.

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