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Wherein Dennis Prager doesn't just have problems with Korans

Remeber this guy? Yeah, with posts on him from this website alone going back to 2004 about his ridiculous antics and people’s responses to them. His latest hit piece on George Soros on townhall is so rife with idiocy I had trouble finishing it. (h/t Cliff Schecter)

Of course, Soros supports Palestinian nationalism, but that is a consistent feature of radicals — anti-Jewish and anti-American nationalisms are good, Jewish and American nationalisms are bad. Thus, as reported in the Jerusalem Post, “Soros and his wealthy Jewish American friends have now decided to aim their fire directly at Israel . . . to form a political lobby that will weaken the influence of the pro-Israel lobby AIPAC.”
How to explain such Jews? People with no national or religious roots who become politically active will often seek to undermine the national and religious roots of others, especially those in their own national/religious group. It is akin to the special animosity some ex-Catholics have toward the Church. Non-Jewish Jews are far more likely to work to weaken Christianity in America than Jewish Jews, especially religious Jews. Religious Jews celebrate religious Christians.

Ridiculous, baseless, moronic. First, not to flog a horse, who if not dead, is certainly in danger of expiring, is the continued fallacy that anti-zionism = anti-semetic. Being against Israel’s national policies doesn’t necessarily mean one is antisemetic. Also, OF COURSE there are Jews in touch with their national and religious roots who think both America and Israel need to slow their roll. Who think that being proud of themselves and their identies, being patriotic, means more than just blind support. Anybody can waive an Israeli flag or stick a “we support the troops” magnet on the back of their SUV, but it takes a whole lot more than that to support your people. I guess it hasn’t occured to Prager that there are enough Jews in this country who think that supporting Israel doesn’t mean support the most hawkish policies possible that they have formed multiple alternatives to AIPAC and will continue to raise alternative voices to support Israel the way they see appropriate: to become a better country (in their eyes) out of love, not hate or destruction.
His throwaway line about ex-Catholics is also laughable- hey Dennis, you think some of those victims of child molestation by priests who’s activities were covered up by the church have a legitimate gripe? Further, with his not so thinly veiled ACLU references, it’s as if he’s swallowed the antisemetic Right’s talking points verbatim: Jews are coming to take away your crosses, to stop you from practicing your religion. To Prager, it’s okay, because he thinks they’re the type of Jew he doesn’t like, the “non-Jewish Jew”. And again, Prager misses the mark, because there are PLENTY of religious Jews that don’t want to see religion of ANY KIND in the public square, and others that want to say, okay, if its open to Jews and Christians, it should be open to everyone, including those Koran-users that Prager seems to hate.
Don’t worry, Dennis, the fascists usually come for the communists, socialists, social democrats, and labor organizers too. It’ll be interesting to see which side you’re on then.

10 thoughts on “Wherein Dennis Prager doesn't just have problems with Korans

  1. Look, I’m no fan of Dennis but I disagree with this sentence:
    “Being against Israel’s national policies doesn’t necessarily mean one is antisemetic.”
    True enough. But being against the Jewish people’s aspiration for a national home and explicitly siding with the enemies of the Jewish people is anti-Jewish, anti-Semitic, or whatever you want to call it. This is precisely the position of the vast majority of self-described anti-Zionists. They are not merely critical of Israeli policies. Anti-Zionists believe that the Jewish people have no historical link to the land of Israel and want Israel to cease to exist as a political entity. Zionists, and most Jews, think this would have disatrous results for the Jewish people.
    “Dennis, the fascists usually come for the…socialists, social democrats, and labor organizers too.”
    So do the communists! As the experiences of labor organizers, socialists and social democrats in Cuba, China or the former USSR makes clear. Totalitarianism of any variety–fascist or communist–leads to the concentration camp and the gulag.

  2. Prager is a clown. It is beyond belief that anyone outside the fundamentalist right (whether Jewish or goyish) takes him seriously. He and Jeraldo deserve each other.

  3. Let’s not forget that Soros is also a Jew who spent the Holocaust posing as Aryan and confiscating property from other Jews, serving them notices of deportation…and that he feels no guilt or shame over this.

  4. Being against Israel’s national policies doesn’t necessarily mean one is antisemetic.
    Hell, it doesn’t even necessarily mean one is anti-Zionist!
    When I see the Israeli government doing things so patently deleterious to Israel’s reputation as plowing through markets in Ramallah to get ONE militant, I don’t think it’s anti-zionist to ask why the stupidest strategy possible must be deployed.

  5. i read this today and my head exploded…i intend to fisk the hell out of this thing. maybe i’ll find time tomorrow. prager has proven once and for all that he knows precisely nothing about jewish history.

  6. “Let’s not forget that Soros is also a Jew who spent the Holocaust posing as Aryan and confiscating property from other Jews, serving them notices of deportation…and that he feels no guilt or shame over this.”
    I’m curious where you got this information. While I have no great regard for Soros or his ideology, I always understood that he was a student of Karl Popper and an adament opponent of Nazism. Of course, I’m certain you’re right, because Jews don’t libel other Jews – particularly in public and without adequate information.

  7. Craig: Sure Soros was an “opponent of Nazism.” But that’s a sliding scale. I’m sure plenty of the Judenrat and other collaborators would have preferred the Nazis go away, and many even actively fought it in different ways.
    But that doesn’t mean you can’t also profit from teh system at the same time.
    NONE of which is to say Soros is or isn’t a collaborator or whatever. You can check out Martin Peretz’s hit piece on him in the last issue of the New Republic, and Soros’ response in the letters section of the current issue of the New Republic. They should both be online, though maybe not for free:
    In my own opinion, I think “opportunist” best describes Soros — back then and today.

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