Whither ZOG?

Thanks to the tireless efforts of libertarians, art majors, paleoconservatives, and other True Patriots, we are all well aware of how Israel, neocons, Zionists, and other Jews plot to have the United States do their bidding in the world.
So, please pay no attention to what the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported last week:

At a strategic-dialogue meeting this week among senior officials, Israel laid out for the United States three scenarios if Bashar Assad is toppled: chaos, an Islamist regime or another strongman from Assad’s minority Alawite sect. Israel fears all those options, saying Assad provides a measure of stability.
U.S. officials told their Israeli counterparts that toppling Assad could be “transformative” and dismissed concerns about an Islamist regime taking his place.

Remember. When faced with a choice between fact and legend, print the legend.

28 thoughts on “Whither ZOG?

  1. I would say that the Neocons, who certainly include Jews, have an agenda that is definitely different than Israel’s. But that does not mean that the Jewish Neocons are not interested at all in what’s Israel. It might mean they just feel they know better. After all, they went to Harvard and Yale. Did Shraon? Of course not. So they are more qualified to understand the Middle East situation. Sharon did not go to an Ivy League school, and Sharon does not have money.
    Do not underestimate the arrogance of the Neocons.

  2. Huh? People who go to Harvard or Yale understand the Middle East better than Ariel Sharon? That’s a Hall of Fame stupid comment.

  3. I think DK was being sarcastic. I found it amusing. It was these same brilliant neocons (talk about academics influencing politics, to speak of a right-wing bugaboo) who knew absolutely squat about Iraq and figured it would be a great idea to overthrow Saddam Hussein with absolutely no plan for what would come after him.


  5. Monk, excellent point. Since in fact, there are no secret meetings, and since there is no blood in the matzahs, it is obviously a myth that there are a bunch of Neocons, some of whom are Jewish, who are attempting to remake the world in their image.
    Monk, there are exaggerations about the Jewish role, lobbies, and motivations in the Bush adminstration and in U.S. policy, and there is some truth as well. But you are not addressing either the truths or the exaggerations.

  6. I’m confused. Why is the war in Iraq bad, but why is it also bad that Israel is encouraging the US not to invade Syria? Is the very fact that Israel was part of the conversation indicative of something terrible on Israel’s part?

  7. arie,
    Any day a genuinely murderous fascist regime is kicked over is a very good day. But whatever the war in Iraq was, it has become a series of setbacks for US policymakers. The US Army is stretched thin, with diminishing returns on its missions in Iraq and Afghanistan; and US diplomatic credibility has been devalued in the world community, resulting in a dangerous crisis in leadership and a shattered system of Western alliances. Jews tend to attract political scrutiny in the manner of traditionally retrograde suspicions in times like these. Non-Jews are accustomed to thinking of Jews in monolithic metahistorical terms, from their belief systems and Gospels to their art and literature. And while this shouldn’t necessarily panic us, it should nonetheless concern us.

  8. The war in Iraq is bad because it will probably end very badly and has created a tremendous amount of resentment towards the U.S.
    It is not bad that Israel is discouraging an invasion of Syria. It is indicative of the fact that the Jews do not control U.S. policy if the U.S. decides to invade Syria anyway. Which it won’t, cause Israel said no 😉

  9. I’m so confused about Jewish dominance of US foreign policy. Are Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice and Bush Jewish? If it is true that those crafty Jewish neocons who are supposed to be our tribal leaders got this war going, why have American Jews been less supportive of this war than other Americans? Is there a lack of unanimity among the Tribe?
    I miss the good old days when crafty Jews were both Marxists and international bankers as they plotted to take over the world. This neocon Zionist plot is so 21st century.
    If anti-Semites spent any time in any Jewish organizational meetings they would know that we are too busy arguing with each other to take over the world.

  10. One might observe that they just got burnt in Iraq so they changed their mind, at least temporarily, but many were calling to invade Iran and Syria. Just read Perle and Frum’s latest screed. “An End to Evil” ZOG is just a strawman. Cheney and Rumsfeld aren’t Jews, but there is not doubt they are allied with the Likudniks in Israel.

  11. What makes this issue particularly touchy is that even if these allegations are 100% true, they serve a purpose other than that of merely providing information to the public that “Jews control US policy,” etc. That purpose is to incite hatred of Jews, or at least to angrily direct blame at a particular ethnic/religious group. Would Justin Raimondo, for example, walk away from me in disgust if I told him that I am Jewish? I have no friggin clue. The exact nature of hate remains something to be determined. But basically, he is a bigot who needs to blame someone for the Iraq War, champions anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, and/or is inciting hatred against Jews for their alleged subversive misguidance of the country. It’s a sick game either way.
    To tell you the truth, I don’t think the “neocons,” who are not all Jewish btw, really know what is best for Israel. If anything, they are hardline war hawks who feel that they can impose their militarist vision on Israel. Israel can make up its own mind. It can do a better job of PR, but that’s another story. But in my mind the “neocons” are almost like those anti-Semitic bastards in groups like ISM and ANSWER who think they really know how the world works just because they took one college course with some rabble rouser or read one anarchist zine and now “know” that the only solution is to have Jews pushed into the sea.

  12. I dislike right wingers, and iI am consistent about it. I didn’t get along with Umar the right wing David Brooks loving neocon muslim either. Yeah I am the anonymous chic that flamed his ass. That is why he chickened out and removed the thread. I think the sheltered people in the zionist community assume antisemitism whenever there is criticism of someone Jewish. I think the problem is identity politics and many zionsts and muslims are definately of that stripe. Raimondo knows that Cheney and Rumsfeld aren’t Jewish. I don’t believe that his purpose is anything ther than to keep American out of stupid wars. The neocons are allied with Netenyahu and they are Israel’s religious right. They are religious fanatics who would expand into Jordan and Iraq if they could. I also have a long record of opposing the religious right. BTW, it is well known that the neocosn biggest supporters in America are the fundamentalist Christrians. Raimando acknowledges this too.

  13. But wait a minute, you forgot to mention one little word: o-i-l. That is why Iraq was invaded. Syria has no oil, which is why we are not recommending it.
    Here is the proof: we all know that the Jews were walking in the desert for 40 years. Why hell, anyone could see that they were scouting for oil.
    If you use the old Kabalistic methods (dem Jews are so canny – it works even in English…) of numerology, you will see that the total for the words o-i-l c-o-n-t-r-o-l is 592. Add 40 for their little desert walkabout, and you get 632: J-e-w-i-s-h !!!!
    And N-e-o-c-o-n-s is 328, which is of course only 304 less then Jewish (again!). And every child knows that 304 is three times G-o-l-d (101) with ‘one ring to rule them all’. So there.

  14. “I dislike right wingers, and iI am consistent about it.”
    So you have an inherent bias against people with right-wing politics? That’s very mature. My advice: hate the game, not the player.
    “I also have a long record of opposing the religious right.” And who the hell are you? Should I look up your voting record in Congress to get a better idea?
    That’s my nit-picking right there. But look at Raimondo’s other writings. It’s all conspiracy theories and based on lies. He depicts Israel and Jews as subversive, treacherous elements who will guide US policy anywhere as long as it fits their goals regardless of the cost to the country looking out for them. The finger-pointing and baseless accusations make me sick. Jews are not as monolithic in their thinking as Raimondo or Alexander Cockburn would like to think. As it stands now, their politics are based on somehow “exposing” the Jews. Does that not sound hateful? Pardon the hysterics, but I can tell legitimate, reasonable criticisms apart from hate-based, conspiratorial accusations.

  15. It sounds hateful alright, but it also an innacurate characterization which offers no examples of him doing these things what so ever. I’ve never seen him depict Jews as a monolith, though he does criticize neocons and likudniks as well as their fundamentalist christian supporters. His heros are libertarians Murray Rothbard and Milton Friedman. He thinks Falwell, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Robertson are nuts, but so do I and they aren’t jews. His accusations are never baseless and I challenge you to find one that is. His blog is popular because it is so well cited, generally with quotations straight out of the horses mouth, from publications sympathetic to the views of the person he is criticizing.

  16. Speaking of ZOG conspiracies, a certain former Israeli Prime Minsiter should learn to shut the fuck up when it comes to Iran.

    Man oh man I can’t believe anyone would vote for this guy over Sharon. This guy shamelessly places his own grab for power over the national security of his country. Even if I were a messianic settler I wouldn’t vote for this guy over Sharon.

  17. dameocrat,
    So I took a closer look at Raimondo’s stuff again. While he does provide links to some articles in Haaretz, many of the links are to his own articles. Plus, I think he takes some things a little out of context. But also, as with the article talking about the third party providing information about Iraq attempting to obtain uranium, he jumps to the conclusion that Israel is to blame when there is a number of possibilities. I understand he has his reasons, but he’s obsessively xenophobic with a particular bias toward Israel.
    I’ll do my work finding rebuttals to his accusations. But the US-Israel relationship is not an entirely negative thing. There is politicking that people will find objectionable, but Israel isn’t laughing the whole time as it takes advantage of its relationship with the US and stabs it in the back, to use a phrase from an article of his.
    To tell you the truth, I think that he is not worth the attention because his ideas are rather abhorrable. If you think that Israel could be a little more gracious to the US and improve its attitude, then fine. I personally do not like American Jews like Pollard or Franklin who think that they know what is best for Israel and only act with Israel in mind when they are AMERICANS! But they didn’t spy for any totalitarian regime or terrorists. But to paint Israel as a leech that should be removed completely is not fair. That is to say the relationship only goes one way and it completely ignores any concerns that Israel has about the US and their relationship. Furthermore, Israel does benefit the US in areas of intelligence and technology, which is used in a number of sectors in the US.
    BTW, I highly doubt that 6 Israelis connected to Mossad were cheering as the twin towers burned. Raimondo seriously believes that Israel had a connection to 9/11. (I heard that Israel tried to tell the US that something was up, but I have to read the Commission Report still.) And the article that discusses this that he links to doesn’t have any listed author even though it’s in the Sunday Herald or some similar sounding newspaper. I’ll jump to some conclusions myself then: he wrote it.
    More later…

  18. “I personally do not like American Jews like Pollard or Franklin who think that they know what is best for Israel and only act with Israel in mind when they are AMERICANS! ”
    Franklin is not Jewish.
    But I think this mistake by Matt, although innocent in his case, does demonstrate an underlying bias and antisemtism by those who claim “I’m just against Likudniks” “I’m just against neocons.” Etc.

  19. But I’m not against some imaginary axis of Likudniks and “neocons”! I would join Sharon’s new party if I could, for one thing.
    I didn’t know that Franklin wasn’t Jewish. Wow. I’m just saying that I don’t like it when American Jews act like they know what is best for Israel and adopt either a very hawkish stance that doesn’t resonate with most Israelis, or one that is overly concilliatory to the Palestinians to the point that it ignores the fact that Isael has needs too.
    I think it is ridiculous that Pollard thought of himself as a soldier fighting for Israel when he lived in the US and held an official position, too. He looked rather pathetic as if he took himself too seriously.
    It reminds me a little of one shabbos lunch I had at my rabbi’s apt in R. Beit Shemesh. Another rabbi’s cousin was there and he was so fake-Zionist that he lacked a sense of humor. It was during a Histadrut strike and I joked that they should just hired Arab scabs. He angrily replied, “No! We need more jobs for Jews.” I was like woah.
    I mean, American Jews should care about Israel and continue to support it. I’m sure Israelis would appreciate it. But American Jews have to remember that they’re American before doing something like voting for Bush when they are really liberal but just like his stance on Israel. Do you get what I’m saying?

  20. “But American Jews have to remember that they’re American before doing something like voting for Bush when they are really liberal but just like his stance on Israel.”
    Wow, that sounds like a gross generalization. That did not come out the way I intended.
    I didn’t mean to say that all Jews fit that pattern. I was using it as one example of something done by some American Jews who, despite being liberal, voted for Bush because of his alleged stance on Israel. I mean, most fellow Jews I know in America are generally consistent with their own politics. Fuck it. You know what I’m saying.

  21. Joshua, I don’t see how Matt’s mistake reflects on the motives of antiwar.com. Raimando has mentioned on several occaisions that Franklin is Catholic. This is a religious right thing, not a Jewish. It has to do with people hastening the coming of the Messiah, both Christian and Jewish, and pushing their religious beliefs on the rest of us.

  22. To some non-Jews, the simple fact that Jews participate in a host nation’s politics is enough to signal “Jewish control” of their nation. This is the crux of theoretical antisemitism — the idea behind Wilhelm Marr’s coining of the phrase. Taken a little further, the idea that the Jews sought and won a seat at the family of nations is seen as a threat by those who insist that Jews are strictly a religious community with no legitimate national component. This is where I believe that some on the antiwar left (ie, Raimondo) come to embrace Marr’s antisemitism; by viewing Jews strictly as a religion, there can be no reasonable notion of Jewish national rights. Meanwhile, the isolationist right is similar in that Judaism is seen as just another Christian (messianic) denomination that really ought to know its place (ie, Novak).

  23. Well put, Zionista. Is Bob Novak Jewish? I think I read that he was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu or some other Jewish frat. I have no idea if this is true. Either way, his views are reprehensible.

  24. The Jewish state was only justified by the holocaust in my view. I don’t believe in National Rights for any ethnic or religious group. Being American in and of itself mitigates against the idea of nationality tied to ethnicity or relgion. I like the fact that America is not officially white and christian. Zionism will always be a problem for liberals so long as its illiberal form is dominant.

  25. Dameocrat,
    How realistic is it to politically dissolve the ethnic identity of nations? Something as fundamental as language sustains the idea of international competition. The US (and Canada, our quiet neighbor to the north) is quite unique in establishing and sustaining a nation based on enlightenment ideals rather than ethnic identity. And our forefathers had to pretty much whipe out the indigenous peoples from one end of the contient to the other to do it — and in a real genocide, we should understand, as opposed to the rhetorically suspect and intellectually lazy use of the term that anti-Zionists accuse Israel regarding Palestinian Arabs. Maybe some day human civilization can evolve to the point where formal international boundaries can melt away in cooperation and respect for human cultural diversity. But until we are all on the same page in that regard, I don’t get any sense of justice or fairness in the idea that the Jews, of all the world’s peoples, nations and tribes, should be the first to autodivest ourselves from the basic human right of national self-determination.

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