Who are the real terrorist-huggers?

There you go: Laura Bush visiting al Aqsa wearing a hijab. Will the right-wing kindly shut up about Pelosi now?
Haaretz has been abuzz with chatter about backchannel peace talks between Israel and Syria for months now. As far as I can tell, Pelosi just tried to give the motion some traction. That’s not coddling terrorists.
This is coddling terrorists:

Now that the U.S. Congress is investigating the truth of President George W. Bush’s statements about the Iraq war, they might look into one of his most startling assertions: that there was a link between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.
Critics dismissed that as an invention. They were wrong. There was a link, but not the one Bush was selling. The link between Hussein and Bin Laden was their banker, BCCI. But the link went beyond the dictator and the jihadist — it passed through Saudi Arabia and stretched all the way to George W. Bush and his father.
BCCI was the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, a dirty offshore bank that then-President Ronald Reagan’s Central Intelligence Agency used to run guns to Hussein, finance Osama bin Laden, move money in the illegal Iran-Contra operation and carry out other “agency” black ops. The Bushes also benefited privately; one of the bank’s largest Saudi investors helped bail out George W. Bush’s troubled oil investments.

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8 thoughts on “Who are the real terrorist-huggers?

  1. It’s more about WHO Pelosi is then what she did, although what she did WAS also wrong. It’s one thing for the Presidents wife to go somewhere or say something. It’s quite another for the Presidents political enemy to do it. It sends a message of divisiveness. SHE is gonna do what the President SHOULD be doing. Even when the White House is publicly saying she doesn’t speak for them, she says she speaks for the country. It’s not her place, even if she is doing the right thing.

  2. you’re talking about an out of control executive branch that claims to have no accountability to the public whatsoever; one that has been engaged in a disastrous foreign policy process for six years on, with no signal of abatement in sight. they should be impeaching bush and cheney, effectively making pelosi president. that she’s not, for the moment, shouldn’t preclude her ability to clean up the mess that bush is making. he doesn’t speak for the country, nor is he acting in the u.s.’s best interests. i expect that she take such a stand. hell, i demand it.

  3. Laura Bush wore a head covering in an Islamic Holy Site.
    Nancy Pelosi wore one ALL OVER SYRIA.
    It’s different. You won’t find these things said about Laura Bush:
    The Freedom Party of Syria, says “The damage Speaker Pelosi is causing [to woman’s rights and freedoms] with her visit to Syria will be felt for many years to come.”
    “Khaled Al-Batch, a militant and spokesman for Islamic Jihad, expressed hope Pelosi would continue winning elections…”
    Jimmy Carter, the most Anti-Israel President in America’s history SUPPORTS Nancy Pelosi.

  4. Well you know, that terrist-lovin’, yeller-bodied medal-of-honor winning, veteran-who-actually-did-a-tour-of-duty America-hater John Kerry led up the investigation that blew BCCI wide open. And BushDaddy insisted that the Israelis claim Iran Contra was their idea.

  5. I agree – this is no time to be politely standing back and letting Bush “finish” the mess he started. The fact is that most of us didn’t vote for him or his f’d-up foreign “policy.” If you’re the passenger in a car which plows through a crowded schoolyard, and the driver isn’t doing anything to stop, do you not step on the brakes so that the driver can “see it through?” Good for Nancy Pelosi for doing her best to slow that car down.

  6. Adam Hyman wrote: “Laura Bush wore a head covering in an Islamic Holy Site. Nancy Pelosi wore one ALL OVER SYRIA.”
    No, Adam – Nancy Pelosi only wore one when visiting an Islamic Holy Site. The rest of the time she did not. You can see this from the photos of her in the Syrian marketplace she visited where she is not wearing anything and from her meeting with Assad where she is not only not wearing a hijab but she has a really short skirt on.
    When Laura Bush meets the pope and wears a scarf on her head, is that setting women’s right back immeasurably or is that just being respectful of customs ?
    If Nancy Pelosi went to an Orthodox synagogue and they asked her to cover her head she would do it and would that be setting back women’s rights or is that just being respectful of customs?

  7. “You can see this from the photos of her in the Syrian marketplace she visited where she is not wearing anything”
    Really? Wow, I missed those photos…

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