Who Does Amr Moussa Heart?

Haaretz reports,

Kuwait’s official Al-Seyassah newspaper called two weeks ago to lift the economic ban from Israel, following the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip. Yousef Nasser Suweidan wrote in the paper, “The Israeli withdrawal and a positive Arab response at the present time could bring about a political process with momentum that might lead to an historic reconciliation in the Middle East.” He advocated normalization of relations with Israel.

But while Shaaban Abdel Rahim loves Amr Moussa, Amr Moussa needs hatred like most of us need air to breathe:

Arab League Secretary General Amr Moussa spoke harshly last week about countries who are pursuing contacts with Israel. “Israel’s policies are not worthy of an Arab gesture,” he told the London based pan-Arab Asharq Al Awsat newspaper, “I don’t encourage these contacts, don’t accept and don’t understand them.”

Maybe a little support from an enlightened western intelligentsia — oh, I don’t know, maybe group or two that has the word “peace” in it — could actually be of some help.

2 thoughts on “Who Does Amr Moussa Heart?

  1. Don’t the Kuwatis still hate the Palestinians for siding with Saddam in Gulf War I? The Kuwatis want the Palestinians to take the Israeli withdrawal from Gush Katif, shut up and disappear. Because they know that the Palestinians otherwise will keep on going until the destruction of the entire Israel and keep pulling the rest of the Arabs down with them.

  2. Whatever the reason, about the only thing even more overdue than an intra-Arab conversation over non-Arab peoples’ national rights in the Middle East is this conversation’s encouragement from the Western peace and human rights organizations, which have enabled Arab rejectionism for too long to be considered a genuine peace and human rights movement.

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