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Who is Your Jewish Hero?

As part of it’s first film festival, Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future ran an undergraduate short film competition. The topic – Who is Your Jewish Hero. The five finalists are featured online, and voting for the winner is public. They are definitely interesting to see. One is in praise of a soldier injured in the recent Lebanon war, another makes an appeal to Orthodox star power, with the Moshav Band in the background, and Avraham Fried narrating. My favorite, is an over the top, ironic accolade dedicated to Richard Joel.
Voting ends today.

3 thoughts on “Who is Your Jewish Hero?

  1. Yonah pointed out [to me] that in the Kraft Center, the first couple of shots are of YCT students: one of an engaged couple in the YCT beis midrash and a YCT student using his computer in the fourth-floor beis midrash.

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