Who Would Jesus Sue?

Jews For Jesus Sues Google Over Blog

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Christian evangelical group Jews for Jesus is suing Google Inc., saying a Web log hosted through the Internet search leader’s Blogspot service infringes its trademark.
The suit, filed in U.S. District Court in New York on Wednesday, seeks to force Google to give Jews for Jesus control of the site as well as unspecified monetary damages.
…The disputed blog, http://jewsforjesus.blogspot.com, was started in January 2005 by someone taking the name “Whistle Blower” and airing critical views of the San Francisco-based organisation, which seeks to convert Jews to Christianity.
The site has only three entries, the last of which was made on May 9.
Comments on the blog showed that Jews for Jesus attempted to persuade Whistle Blower to transfer the domain to the group but was rebuffed.

Punchline: the Associate Executive Director of J4J said, “Our reputation is at stake.” Yeah, and such a pristine reputation it is…
Reuters, NY Post.

13 thoughts on “Who Would Jesus Sue?

  1. Now if only someone would sue Jews for Jesus for using OUR name!!
    Seriously, why haven’t we? What doesn’t the ADL do something useful for a change and make Jews for Jesus remove the word “Jews” from their name, because once you’ve accepted Jesus you are now a Christian. It would be a GREAT lawsuit. I wonder if it’s been done before. Abe Foxman, where are you when we need ya?!

  2. indeed, isn’t it time once and for all, we sued the sad fuc@ers who have stolen our name and pass themselves as Jews when quite clearly they are a bunch of christains who just lie and scheme.
    Forget about Abe Foxman doing anytihng, how about the Jewish Defence League doing something?

  3. Well, now that J4J has already admitted (on this site no less) that their marketing is, well, retarded, I think we have to admit that they are doing a pretty darn good job all things considering. And they are certainly more open minded. Can you imagine the OU giving their communications department to the devleopmentally disabled? No. Because they aren’t progressive like that. And it’s their loss!
    What whistleblower should explain is that he isn’t liable, as the person who chose that particular site name is currently in a coma and therefore legally brain-dead. Alternatively, whistleblower could insist he hired the same firm J4J did when it came elect “true Jewschool” as their new outreach site address. J4J will certainly show the same sensitivity to this as they have insisted for this own marketing duo they themselves hired. Hey, what goes around, comes around.

  4. i wouldn’t be surprised if this was an idea to threaten the legal action in order for the fuckwits at Jews for Jesus to give themselves some publicity. Everyone talks about them and they get a few more Jews checking out their crap. It keeps them on the “radar”.
    They have not got a case, but create some hype around a story and feed it to the media.
    Maybe 50 Shekel is behind it.

  5. Wow! – That is a lot of ad hominim and profanity to boot! I am wondering why this bent exists at Jew School which apparently celebrates Jewish diversity in every sphere ranging from lifestyle to philosophy. Can someone please explaine the vitriol to me as it sounds a little scarey. Thank you.

  6. Let’s bury the hachet during the Hanukkah/Christmas season and organize
    “Muslims for Jesus” so we have something new to kvetche at.

  7. cincilitigator,
    The reason is simple. Jews for Jesus is a misnomer. Anyone who believes that Jesus is the Messiah {Or the Moshiach as we Jews call him} is not a Jew, period….
    We Jews believe that Hashem is the only L-rd and Saviour needed by man. We don’t need a Saviour in Jesus because a Jew is supposed to have a personal relationship with thier Father, namely Hashem. Jews don’t pray to the Moshiach, we don’t pray to angels, and we sure as heck don’t consider flesh-and-bones to be divine. We all have divine and animal aspects, it is a Jews mission to bring light into the world, to move the world toward the Messianic Age. Jesus is a blight on a Jews mission. There is much anger at Jews for Jesus because they end up taking Jews on the wrong path. When one worships a human being, idolizing him, he is angering Hashem. It is also a violation of the Torah to mislead those who don’t know any better {Placing a stumbling block before the disabled}. As a result we TRUE JEWS, those who believe in the loving words of Torah and the wisdom of the fathers look down on those who so flagrantly violate so many CORE JEWISH VALUES. The Shema, the unity of Hashem is forgotten by these JFJ folks. They would do better if they just converted to Xtianity instead of fragmenting and DESTROYING the wonderful, spiritual belief of Judaism. Why would a JFJ celebrate Channukah anyway? Isn’t the meaning of Channukah the fact that the TRUE JEWS faught tooth and nail to preserve the religious freedoms of Judaism. These JFJ are just like those Hellenistic Jews of the time of the story of Channukah, they don’t deserve to pass on the Jewish blood which they so casually diluted and profaned. Their progeny certainly will loose their Jewish identity and most probrobly will just cause more confusion to future generation.
    JFJ is BAD NEWS. I believe Hashem is so very disappointed at the state of affairs concerning Jews. I know I am growing increasingly incensed that Jews are forsaking their identity, yeah their souls for what? So they can celebrate XMas with the Goys? Oy Vey FER SURE…
    Michael U

  8. Michael U – well actually – it’s really not all that simple, i wish it was, but it’s not. Jew’s DO believe in a real flesh and blood Messiah – Moshiach check out Maimonides Hilchas Malachim (Laws of Kings & Wars) chapter 11-12. The problem with J4J is not their Theology, it is that Christianity has persecuted Jews – and no matter what they believe someone that aligns themselves with our long-term persecutors isn’t considered part of the family anymore (i.e they can’t be part of a minyan) even if they are halachicly Jewish.
    J4J’s can’t sue anyone for having a sub-domain! that’s just STUPID they are just trying to get some publicity.

  9. I think it’s a mitzvah to do everything in your power within the legal boundaries of your country to destroy Jews for Yeshu – if you have time. Frankly, I don’t think that they deserve too much of anyone’s time so I’m happy to see that they are also getting so riled up about this.
    And puhlease, we are in the mid 2000s and they haven’t already scooped up domains and relevant names on the internet? Losers.

  10. Sorry, just saw the Loshon-hara free zone gif, so I should also remind you that it is a mitzva to speak badly of ‘Jews’ who are blashphemous heretics. Jews for Yeshu is beyond just being ignorant or not educated.

  11. Something that my rabbi said during my 101 class was that when he met someone who had affiliated with Jews For Jesus, he could talk them out theologically within 1-5 minutes. Once it is laid out there, a Jew can see, “oh, I was duped. You’re right–I can’t be jewish AND christian.”
    HOWEVER–the acceptance/community/fr iendship the person had been offered made them want to say. (which, yes, is the same reason people get into cults.)
    So it puts a bit back on the shoulders of the Jewish Community to make sure to reach out to unaffliated or outsider jews so they aren’t going to be so easily pulled in.

  12. It should also be said that at least in early J4J fundraising attempts, they advertised themselves to Christian churches as Christian missionaries, and then turned around to their prospective converts and insisted, no, we’re really Jews.
    Jewish diversity is a great thing to celebrate. But once you accept Christ into your heart, by DEFINITION, you are a Christian. The primary difference between Christianity and Judaism in philosophy is that the former is Creed based, and the latter is Deed based. If you believe you reach salvation through the love of Christ, you are Christian. If you believe you will be rewarded for following Torah, you’re Jewish. J4J’s try to adopt a Christian philosophy, but still call themselves Jewish.

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