whoa. yet more Jewish retail in frisco.

I went to check out the new much-hyped Westfield mall on Market street last night and was stunned to find – amidst the shiny new H&M, Bloomies, and Sunglass Hut – a giant Michal Negrin shop. For those of you who aren’t sparkly jewelry magpies who hang out in Israeli duty free shops, Michal Negrin is basically the queen of the uber-romantic crystal jewelry craze. The place was sparkling and twinkling and I swear it’s even bigger than the Tel Aviv shop on Shenkin.
Now how am I supposed to impress people with hamsa necklace gifts from abroad? Sigh.
The funny thing about this store, apart from its location in the most goyishe Buddhist town in America, is that instead of all the mezzuzahs and hamsas at most Negrin outlets, this place is full of Victorian crosses. Fortunately, it’s right across the hall from American Eagle Outfitters, and I’m sure they’ll have some Jewish Chanukah crap for sale soon.

5 thoughts on “whoa. yet more Jewish retail in frisco.

  1. You know you’re too Jewishly involved/have your head up your tachat when you read about a new mall down the street in Jewschool and not in, I don’t know, the newspaper.
    Sarah, Yo Semite, thanks for taking this Jew out for a beer last night.

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