Who’s ‘bollah is it anyway?

Senator Bob Graham has delivered a scathing report to The Forward, stating that, “The Bush administration has failed to act against a major Hezbollah infiltration of the United States.” Graham, who’s promoting a new book on the Bush administration’s coddling of the terror-backing Saudi regime, says that “at least several hundred Hezbollah operatives are now in the United States.”

In related news, Hezbollah is co-sponsoring an anti-war/anti-globalization conference this week in Beirut, along with the Democratic Front for the Liberation for the Palestine, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Yassir Arafat’s Fatah faction.

Mmm, can you really call yourself anti-war of you’re lobbing qassam rockets into children’s bedrooms and blowing yourselves up on buses? Aren’t those, well, acts of war?

9 thoughts on “Who’s ‘bollah is it anyway?

  1. Hezbollah and the Palestinian groups sponsoring and anti-war conference is sort of like a spider inviting a fly to its web for tea.
    Can anyone say ‘Anti-semetism’ and ‘Anti-Israel’ conference? …… I knew you could!

  2. why shouldn’t anyone refusing to fight be commended
    if only everyone would refuse to fight at the same time, the problems would be solved

  3. mm not to mention that in many cases the actions of the israeli army are not simply defensive measures (which i stand by) but acts of provocation

  4. John:
    It would be wonder if everyone would lay down all the weapons of the world at one time.
    Unfortunately far to many people would be unwilling to do this because they simple like to kill far to much. This, at least for now, is a fact of life. Hopefully one day we will have the ability to overcome the need for weapons, and may Hashem grant that it happens soon and in all our lives.

  5. Hizbolla isn’t responsible for bus bombings in Israel, and the rockets aren’t intentionally directed at peoples bedrooms. The rocket attacks only occur after Israel has violated Lebonese airspace. Why are these attacks more demonic than rocket attacks on protesters which can do nothing but kill innocents? Not to mention bulldozing houses before you make sure the people are out of them. Not distinguishing one arab group from another is what gave us the ridiculous Iraq war. “Doesn’t matter Saddam had nothing to do with Al Qaeda, he’s an AArab!”

  6. Jennifer, methinks you have swallowed some propaganda, as well as the other stuff at college,

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