Why are there *10* commandments? Why not 9? Maybe 11?

As was noted on these pages earlier today, an important countercultural critic died today. I thought I’d put up some video. Carlin did a lot of religious bits. His exegesis may be suspect but how many people get paid for their analysis of text anyways? Here he is talking about the 10 commandments as a marketing decision:

It’s a sad day for us fans everywhere. George Carlin: Zichrono Livracha.

2 thoughts on “Why are there *10* commandments? Why not 9? Maybe 11?

  1. George is a foundational part of my sense of humor. And his stuff on religion was classic — pointing out the absurdity of beleving in anything literally and our penchant for, as he would say, “bullshit.” As a religious person, I found his atheist jokes right on.
    It’s further a family affair: My father introduced me to him in my teens. He saw George while he was in college in the late 70s; I saw George while I was in college over 35 years later.
    There’s a bunch’a Jews who love you, George. I would say rest in peace, but you’re probably raisin’ hell in heaven. Have at ’em, dude!

  2. Actually; All of these years we have been fooled. If you read Exodus 20, and count the commandments, there are more than 10. And then the question comes, has a movie corrupted even those who call on the name of the most high? If you were to count them, you would find 13. That is not a good number. I have lived 66 years and most of those years I have considered myself to be a pretty good commentator on the Word of God but to go back and count and find that there are more than have been given credit for, really floored me. How much more of what we “believe” has been tainted by outside forces?

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