Why Every American Jew Should Love the Boston Red Sox and Hate the New York Yankees

I tend to agree with Chomsky’s view of spectator sports, and I generally find many of my fellow Bostonian’s relationship to their team to be rather golden calf-ish, but I’m posting this anyway.
From the newest issue of AJL:

There are five seminal moments in the history of Jewish baseball players. Four of them involve the Boston Red Sox. Only one of them involves the New York Yankees. I really think you should do the math.
The history Jewish players have with the Red Sox is only the first reason why — please sit down now — Jews should not support the Yankees. It’s simple logic. The Yankees and Red Sox hate each other, or at the very least, Yankees and Red Sox fans hate each other.[1] Jewish players have a greater history with Boston. Thus Jewish pride demands some form of (at least) token support for the Red Sox, and any support of the Red Sox cannot exist alongside Yankee fandom.
Please do not try this. A Red Sox fan and a Yankee fan in the same body is a paradox of universe-obliterating proportions. Do you really want to be responsible for the end of all existence?
I’m offering this argument for your own good. I even traveled to the team’s spring training to meet Jewish Red Sox and bring you back their story, though that turned into an adventure all its own.[2] Too long have Jews paid homage to the Yankees and their pinstripes. It makes sense, the center of the Jewish universe being in New York[3], but we should be asking, “What have you done for us lately?”
The answer is and always has been, “Not much.” In fact, the Yankees have on occasion screwed us out of our rightful due. I will explain everything to you, but first, the aforementioned seminal moments and why all Jews should love the Boston Red Sox and hate the New York Yankees:

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15 thoughts on “Why Every American Jew Should Love the Boston Red Sox and Hate the New York Yankees

  1. I have often said that the Mets are NY’s Jewish team and the Yankees are the goyish team. Thanks for a great post.

  2. Oh HELL’s yeah.
    AND, the writer didn’t mention this, but aNOTHer reason to love the Red Sox is that Theo Epstein (pause for swoon from the ladies), Brookline High alum and Yale Law school alum (Jewish mothers throughout New England have their eye on him for their daughters), has some serious yichus: his Jewish grandfather wrote the screenplay for classic movie “Casablanca.” Also, click here and swoon again.

  3. D’oh, clearly my comment didn’t show the first time and I tried to recreate it the second time. Ah well.

  4. “Simple logic”? Maybe if the author means “simple” in the way Dashiell Hammitt used simple in the phrase “blood simple”.
    Garbage. Utter garbage. A stupid, at times bordering on moronically racist (Gehrig was German? That’s the reason the author complains about the All Star pick?) screed I’m disappointed is posted here, although this type of writing (not LastTrumpet’s, but the ajl author) I’ve come to expect it from supporters of the last team to integrate. Falacies, expansive claims (Hank Greenberg was one of many talented players to keep the sux out of the world series as a stalwart member of the Tigers… how is he justification not to root for the Yankees, again?) the seminal points have very little subtance.
    Three Jews on a team means we should root for them? Does that mean this author, and any Red Sux fan out there, is a supporter of the Bush Administration because there have been Jews involved with it? Isn’t Josh Bolten a brilliant young GM? Blind allegiance to other Jews merely because of our shared history and genes? Sorry, I don’t roll like that, and I thought AJL and Jewschool were davka not about giving jews free passes just because they’re jews.
    In the meantime, sounds like the author of the article is
    a) jealous
    b) trying to manufacture reasons to justify his purchasing of sux gear since 2004 despite his family’s roots in ny.
    c) dealing with some inferiority complex about new york
    d) noticing the al east standings and feeling a tightening in his throat.
    Not the least bit compelling, and kinda sad. Clearly written by a Johnny come lately who doesn’t really understand how sports loyalties work. If this article was written in 1959, telling every Jew in Brooklyn to once again root for the Dodgers simply because the great Sanford Koufax was on the rise, they’d have a hard time deciding whether to yell at you, punch you, or spit on you.

  5. Ruby – while I disagee with much of what you said, you did supply the most compelling reason not to be a Yankees fan. – Da Bums are the New York Jewish team. How could any self-respecting Yid possibly rout for the rich guys in pinstripes!?

  6. ooooooooooooh, now I get it. The writer’s from Atlanta. Sounds like some sour grapes turned frontrunner-itis, with a healthy pouring of newyorkhateraide. Listen, I’ve already said I think amazing Jewish things happen in many other places, so can we please stop with the New York bashing?
    This guy is setting a horrible example, and is full of double standards. Arrogance is okay, as long as it’s for his team. Spending money on payroll is okay, as long as it’s for his team (hey, he forgot to figure Daisuke’s posting fee into the year’s expenditures= 51.1 million before a cent went to the pitcher). “Cheering a winner” aka frontrunning, also okay as long as it’s his team.
    Hypocrisy is not a Jewish value.

  7. Which part do you disagree with, Josh, the part where I point out that he’s comparing Lou Gehrig to the Nazis because he’s German? The part where he suggests the mere presence of Jews should equate to our fealty? The part where the Red Sux were the last team to integrate?
    When you pay 51 million dollars just for the _chance_ to sign somebody, i think you lose the ground to call the Yankees “the rich” team. Also, 50 years ago O’Malley ripped the heart out of Brooklyn, and the Dodgers are dead to anyone who cared about them. How is that justification not to root for the Yankees?

  8. YES!!!! Now you need to find an article stating why all Jews should be Michigan fans and hate Ohio State (and of course Notre Dame)!!!
    How about for one Michigan has more Jews and its main color is Blue? Fuck the fuckeyes

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