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Why Stop at 1948?

Dear Friends of the Resistance to the Occupation,
As some of you may be aware, Jews willing to take a group nap simulate death are bravely demonstrating against the Israeli occupation, risking nothing having their names put on list or something.
However, while we applaud these efforts, we feel compelled to note that we believe that they don’t go far enough.
Zionist oppression did not begin “58 years” ago with the nod of the U.S., as the apologist Jews of Conscience are claiming.
Zionist oppression began thousands of years ago, and expanded dramatically under the white male capitalist regimes of Kings Saul, David, and Solomon, who disenfranchised many indigenous gods.  These Zionist leaders changed everything, and exacerbated discord.  It was tragically much like today’s situation. Even after the land was liberated by the environmentally responsible Chaldeans, Zionist oppression was enabled to reorganize under Persia, for whom the second Zionist Entity was a client state (sound familiar?!?).  Attempts by the Greeks at instituting a multi-cultural curriculum were met with massive hate crimes by the Zionists, who after victory resumed gross violations of animal rights in their capital. 
Eventually, the Romans defeated the Zionists, although the bosses inspired dreadful anti-Union outbreaks to stop government regulated public works programs, which cost many Roman lives.
Despite their ostensible acceptance of “exile,” the Zionists continued to harbor colonialist aspirations, and preached their intentions on a communal level in daily sacrificial prayers and weddings as well as with continued “pilgrimages” to The Land of the Zionists.  There is evidence that there were always Zionists in Palestine who were attempting to seize this land for their own, even if not always on a massive level, but through privatization.
This is what we are up against.
So as the true Jews of Conscience, we will not be satisfied by calling all of this land in its entirety “Palestine.”
True Jews of Conscience will not rest until the proper name, Canaan (after its real indigenous population), is restored.  
We don’t seek to criticize our fellow progressive Jews who are, it is true, attempting to address the root cause of all many problems in “the Middle East and beyond.”  But recognizing 1948 instead of 1967 as the starting point is hardly significant progress; not when the ancient history of Zionist aggression is considered in full.
Let us continue to show solidarity for anyone and everyone – except our own. Unless we can blame the United States of Aggression.  That’s better still.
Jews of Super-Conscience

25 thoughts on “Why Stop at 1948?

  1. As a catholic priest who believes that the Jews are God’s chosen people, it pained me greatly when I was informed about the sexual abuse scandal brewing in the midst of such a great nation.
    However, upon further investigation, my pain led to anger, as it became clear that God’s chosen people were being led astray, and their belief system was being hijacked, by fake leaders and false prophets.
    As part of the clergy, I have had several meetings with high ranking Jewish leaders and have come away greatly pleased and encouraged by the message being delivered and the high morals displayed.
    However, at a recent inter-faith meeting among the leaders of several denominations, it became painfully obvious that the same Jewish leaders became different people when faced with a harsh reality. Instead of addressing the great issues of the day, they chose to display dubious traits of moral character and, to be blunt, a shocking lack of compassion for victims, and would refuse to speak about the issue of child sexual abuse with any moral clarity or honesty.
    It was as if the to speak of sexual abuse would be to bow down to Jesus himself.
    Now, we of the catholic faith have a tradition of ‘love thy neighbor’ (i.e. compassion) as being the first and foremost quality that we learned from Jesus and endeavor to incorporate such ideals into our daily lives.
    I do not understand how the leaders of the Jewish People do not learn from their previous great prophets and leaders such a Abraham and Moses, renown for their great mercy, kindness, compassion, truth and honesty.
    What has happened to the people of the Bible- God’s sole chosen nation?

  2. David, is it my imagination, or are you sounding quite vicious? If, in fact, I’m being hyperimaginative, it may be because I’m still shocked at being fired at by the IDF in Bil’in, two months ago, I’m sickened by watching one of my friends get shot in the head by the IDF two weeks ago [ ], I’m a bit freaked out that, though all of my family and friends are quick to condemn violence from any and every Muslim, none has uttered a solitary sound of disproval of shooting unarmed demonstrators.
    Be of good cheer, though, my friend. The rightwing counterdemonstrators of Philly’s weekly Vigil Against the Occupation (aka ‘Bubbes and Zaydees for Peace’) are becoming increasingly vocal in their fantasies of our painful deaths (and other pornographic screamings. “NO, Sir. Not with your wife’s chocha.” “NO, Sir, not with your mother’s mouth.”), and although we have decent police protection, some physical pain may yet await us.
    Meanwhile, content yourself with the Israelis continuing to put their lives on the line for the principle of ‘two states for two peoples’: Gil Na’amati, unarmed, shot in the leg at his first anti-occupation after finishing his three years conscription. Matan Cohen, blinded in one eye, after being shot with a ‘rubber ball.’ Shoa survivor and armed member of the Hagganah, Hava Keller, shot with ‘shock grenades’ in the arm and leg, at the age of 74. Limor Goldstein, shot in the head in Bil’in. The always intrepid Anarchists Against the Fence, being fired upon with a water cannon containing unknown abrasives, last week.
    The rightwing may say, and do, what they will; I am undeterred in my knowledge that Judaism is the religion of social justice.

  3. Crazy, the compassion of ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ comes from our Torah. As do such principles of social justice as: debt moratorium, sanctuary, freeing slaves, feeding the hungry, caring for widows and children, having ‘one standard for stranger and citizen alike,’ and helping your enemy upright his ox, if it has fallen.

  4. Miriam.
    Crazy spams the commentaries very hard. It’s a reprint from his/her/its blog, and is monomaniacal in his/her/it’s reproach of some child abuse/molestation/sexual something.
    And personally, I liked the parody.

  5. Sounds like you may be on to something. RC’s do not allow female priests. A male claiming to be a priest, calling himself crazy, and being DeLay-like in his concern over sexual abuse patterns…thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  6. Screw this crap about social justice. the sad thing is that it has become so relative.
    Judaism’s status as the “religion of social justice” is being destroyed, not by right-wingers, but by a group of enemy sympathizers who are trying to turn Judaism into the religion of embarrassment and shame. (I won’t blame those people for turning it into a religion of guilt though. You can thank my mother for that.)
    We do have the responsibility to promote justice, but not something that sounds nice because it comes at the expense of others. Those who are downtrodden and impoverished should be empowered to help themselves. We should be improving the economy, both domestically and globally. Reform should be implemented where necessary. Don’t just try to overthrow the whole system.

  7. Judaism’s status as the “religion of social justice” is being destroyed, not by right-wingers, but by a group of enemy sympathizers who are trying to turn Judaism into the religion of embarrassment and shame….Those who are downtrodden and impoverished should be empowered to help themselves. We should be improving the economy, both domestically and globally. Reform should be implemented where necessary. Don’t just try to overthrow the whole system.
    I’m confused. This is in regard to what exactly?

  8. I liked it too. But what’s this about the Canaanites being the indigenous population? Just shows your imperialist Homo Sapiens Sapiens bias (that’s a bad category, like white, male or straight). The Sapiens Sapiens (or “SS”, for short) colonized, oppressed and exterminated the true indigenous Cro Magnon and Neanderthal populations. Your privileging of the SS narrative over that of our caveperson cousins (if they could in fact narrate at all) is an indictment of the entire SS ‘civilization’.
    But I am just a simple caveman, and don’t understand your ways…

  9. Who stole that mitzvot from the top ten?! Actually, it’s Leviticus 19:18: You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against your countrymen. Love your fellow as yourself: I am the lord.

  10. David, I dont think the sarcasm is really warranted. If you cannot make your point without stooping to caricature, then perhaps your point should not be made.

  11. Isn’t it funny that people like DK never like to mention that Israel was established by the same far-left? Yes, comrades, communists and socialists established Israel. Where do you think the kibbutz came from? The lazy, selfish right-wing only moved to Israel once all the hard work was done. But why let facts get in the way when it is so much fun to bash the left? At least we on the left can reflect on failing policies and understand the need to change course! I guess that’s why the right doesn’t like to live in the “reality-based community”.

  12. I applaud the Jews of Conscience. Solidarity be damned! What does this word ‘solidarity’ really mean anyway? I think in this respect, it means nothing more than acquiescent clanishness. Sure, like any double-edged sword, solidarity can be a good thing in some circumstances. But in other circumstances, it can be disasterous. It is typically the rallying call of tyrants. And, of course, it’s easy to absolve oneself of individual responsibility when one is comfortably ensconced in ‘the group.’
    So, please, please, David, go carefully with this word ‘solidarity.’ Accchhht! I don’t like it! At the very least, IT HAS LIMITS!

  13. Where can I join this Jews of Super-Conscience group? I cannot even begin to tell you the existential angst i feel every morning waking up knowing the usurpation and injustice that has been perpetrated in my name. I walk the streets of Jerusalem and I hate myself and everyone I see knowing full well that we are walking on soil stolen from the Canaanites. I need my conscience Super-cleared, please tell me what to do! Perhaps we can organize a die in at the kotel and afterwards immediately board the first available (non-ElAl) flight to some dark, isolatedd corner of the world where we can just sit quietly and wait to die knowing full well we’ve donee all we could to right the wrongs of the past and cease the perpetuation of injustice. Here’s to a free Palestine, and a reconstituted Canaan, Amalek and all the others against whom we committed Genocide – quickly and in our days! Shalom!

  14. David, you obviously hit a nerve. Good for you. A keen sense of irony and a mirror directed at the myopic “social justice” movement is precisely what is needed at this moment. I write this as a former activist and someone who is presently engaged in a variety of social justice endeavors. But these folks truly need to get a clue. Being more radical than the next person does not mean the Islamist totalitarians will like you or even accept your presence in Israel. It isn’t about “Zionism” or “occupation” or any of the rest of that nonsense. Unless by occupation you mean a Jewish presence in the Middle East. Do you not realize that these organizations and individuals want the Jewish people dead?

  15. WEVS1…and that’s why I respect folks who disagree with Israel as a concept. It’s a valid claim (as valid as Natives arguing for land rights in Canada), and I appreciate the honesty.

  16. This would’ve been funnier if the entire monarchy hadn’t [i] actually [/i] been a sin on the part of the Israelites, in their conformist desires to be like the nations.

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