Will Jewish Voters Decide The Next Election?

j. reports,

Now that it’s down to John Kerry versus George W. Bush, Jews in swing states could decide the presidential election.

“Anything that moves a few hundred or a few thousand voters one way or another in any state can cause a seismic shift,” said John Zogby, a pollster who says the closeness of this election is leading opinion-gatherers to focus more than ever on small groups like Jews.

Please don’t vote for Bush. Please don’t vote for Bush. Please don’t vote for Bush. If you vote for Bush, there won’t be a world left for us to enjoy Israel in. Please don’t vote for Bush. Please don’t vote for Bush.

22 thoughts on “Will Jewish Voters Decide The Next Election?

  1. That’s fucking moronic. Stalin would’ve voted against Hitler. Do you have to vote the opposite of Stalin too?

  2. Please don’t vote for Bush. Please don’t vote for Bush. Please don’t vote for Bush. Hamas, not being American citizens, will not be voting in the election. More importantly, an evil group disliking something does not inherently add value to that thing. Hitler didn’t like inflation, but that doesn’t make inflation good. In fact, some would argue that inflation, especially hyperinflation, is bad. But I’m not an economics major.
    Please do not vote for Bush. Please don’t vote for Bush. Bush is the punk kid who throws rocks at the hornets nest in your neighborhood. No matter how many hornets he kills, he’ll piss off ten more and a few are going to sting Israel.
    Please don’t vote for Bush. Please don’t vote for Bush. Bush brought out tens of thousands of people to anti-war rallies, rallies run by the most virulent, anti-Israel radicals who preached the false gospel of Israel as evil, terrorist, apartheid state to a group who would have otherwise stayed home and done as Abe Foxman told them.

  3. I hate to tell you, but the hornets have been stinging Israel for over 50 years. It’s about time someone knocks down that fucking nest.

  4. yeah but if you’re gonna knock down the nest, you should be wearing some sting-proof gear. show me how many israelis are walking around sting-proof. how many americans?

  5. Zogby poll biased, it includes too many Jews. Just like the early polls which favored Dean. They were biased by too many intelligent Websters.

  6. The bad guys are plotting against us right now, regardless of who we elect. It’s not a tit for tat thing. The fascist Arab institutions genuinely hate us and want to push us into the sea. They want the world to be Muslim. It looks worse before it gets better.

  7. I wouldn’t get all riled up by it, unless you want to actually make a difference…like encourage Jews to check “Refused” when Zogby asks for creed.
    Influence the bandwagon, but remain anonymous. Too many people (including many Bush supporters) are prejudiced against Jews. This comment will only fuel the losers fire to go after and hate Jews more.
    “Refused” polling, else doom me to be the target of some idolator’s genocide.

  8. Ultracrepidarian…
    ahhhh…sorry, I didn’t know what the heck you were talking about with Dean.
    I don’t think Zogby knows what he’s talking about either. I think it’s probably a draw with the Jews. We don’t even know who to vote for 🙂

  9. mobius,
    The fascist institutions account for much higher than ten percent of people strapping bombs to themselves and tearing apart pizza shops.

  10. To all people more liberal than me,
    This argument has strayed a little and I’m tired. It’s very difficult for someone to correctly pick the president who’s character could best help him make peace in this world in four years. I just hope G-d picks the right one.

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