Will There Be Enough Lulavim for Sukkot?

Looks like not. The lulav shortage has required diplomatic measures. After years as the world’s primary supplier of lulavim, Egypt has said that it will no longer provide the leaves to the U.S., Israel, and beyond, on horticultural, rather than political grounds.

“We’ve got everybody on the case, and I told them to shake a leg,” Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-N.Y.) told JTA, pun intended.
Ackerman has raised the issue in meetings with the Egyptian ambassador to the United States and America’s ambassador to Egypt, and says he also has put a call in to Osama el Baz, a top political adviser to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

People have since frantically looking to other places–Jordan, Arizona, California–to see if they can make up the difference.
ETA: Okay, check the comments, looks like the cartel has been busted.

3 thoughts on “Will There Be Enough Lulavim for Sukkot?

  1. “In the meantime, remember that if someone lays down his or her lulav and you take it up, you’ve acquired it for the purpose of shaking it–so you can still borrow and get yotzei.”
    Nope, not on the first two days.

  2. Lulav shortage? I hadn’t heard that this was widespread; But my Rav did mention that his usual source was sold-out. Perhaps that explains the unusual and rather upsetting rattiness of my greens this year… but, on the other hand, the esrog was more fragrant than in years past — with fewer to go around, perhaps “just barely kosher” is passing muster.
    On a related note… the goyim seem to be getting into this, too. Expect demand for esrogim to increase in years to come… order early.
    — DB

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