WJC to Sue Jewish Week Over Slush Fund Allegations?

The London Jewish Chronicle reports,

Steven Herbits, the secretary-general of the World Jewish Congress, is considering legal action against the New York Jewish Week for a recent article about the ongoing investigation into the WJC’s financial affairs by New York attorney-general Elliot Spitzer.
Two weeks ago, the paper published a story alleging that the WJC’s president, Edgar Bronfman, gave chairman of governors Israel Singer a £1.1 million “slush fund.” The information came from an email written in January 2002 by journalist Larry Cohler-Esses, addressed to Dr Singer.
At the time, Mr Cohler-Esses was being considered for a post with the WJC, which he did not take up. Mr Cohler-Esses now works for The Jewish Week as an editor-at-large.

Steven I. Weiss cries foul.

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