words from behind a rockstar

Jacob Harris is JDub’s artist incubator AKA Matisyahu’s manager, buddy, and goto guy. we don’t have a perminent home for his new blog, so we’ll start with a snippet here:

today i spent 23 hours determining whether or not tofutti non-dairy cream cheese is kosher so that we could put it on matisyahu’s hospitality rider. that’s the part of the performance contract that we get to tack on after our fabulous booking agent to the stars negotiates the deal with the club or the “others.”

if you’ve seen wayne’s world 2, the rider is the artist’s forum for asking the talent buyer for 1000 brown m&m’s backstage…along with a keg of red bull, 1 live goldfish in a crystal bowl, a VHS copy of “Pure Genius” etc. etc.

anyway, tofutti maintains that their products are strictly kosher, and the chaf k peeps say it’s kosher, but it is noticeably absent from OU’s website (which is about as large as google – yes google), and a bunch of lists of really-really-really kosher ish. i talked to one rabbi who said that tofutti “isn’t looking out for his soul” and that he doesn’t eat their goods. that’s heavy. i hope that somebody at land-o-lakes or even philadelphia cream cheese is looking out for my soul, especially as they sound a lot tougher than the people at tofutti by annunciation alone. i’m sure the beautiful woman on the land-o-lakes box could rough up anyone who went after my soul with even something as small as a butter knife.

anyway, tofutti didn’t make the rider cut, but carrots did along with smucker’s strawberry jelly – yummm.

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