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Working for the Zionists

taping.jpgWe had an implicit understanding, or so I thought.  I would do your grueling dirty work, and make you gobs of cash.  You would underpay me, but pretend not to notice when I did a little work on my own stuff.  When need be.
Which is why taping my conversations was a Very Bad Idea.  But even worse was “talking” to me about what you heard. During my lunch break!
Because this is just a day job for me.  And there are others.  If I want one.
And since I can no longer work on my own stuff (when need be), I can no longer justify being here.
And your competitors will not be foolish enough to tape me.  Never mind “talk” to me about they heard.
Next time you want to see how a middle manager you “don’t want to lose” is performing, don’t be such a lazy bastard.  Run the numbers, walk over to his desk, and give him a sholom aleichem. Like they did in Poland.
Zionists are great negotiators.  The best.  You walk away from the table giving away almost nothing.
And then shit starts blowing up.  And you wonder why people are so crazy.

10 thoughts on “Working for the Zionists

  1. Kelsey, don’t you have your own personal blog on which you can play Make the Reader Connect Kelsey’s Neuroses and Paranoia? I mean, it’s a fun game, really, but I come here to read Leftwing NYC Jewish Madlibs and laugh at John Brown slinging the word “apartheid” around like it gives him orgasms, not to have to decode you. Here, I’ll give you a jog: circumcision. Is that better?

  2. oh, good. I’m not the onlyone who hasn’t a clue what he was talking about. Was worried that I wasn’t hip enough. Again.

  3. it’s filed under Post & Anti-Zionism, but frankly that still doesn’t help me. I don’t know what this “humor” is supposed to make fun of. Maybe it’s an inside joke.

  4. This piece is clearly an allegory for the ubiquity of middle american dairy queen culture in the modern post-feminist political doctrine that is running rampant in taiwanese community colleges.
    How the hell did you guys miss that?

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