World Jewry is not an amen chorus

The American Jewish community is torn right now between its love of Israel and its distaste for Israel’s policies. We who love Israel have an obligation to say what we believe. We have for a century or more helped and supported the Zionist endeavor in the state of Israel. We have long lived with the notion that Israeli governments, from right to left, have tried to inculcate in us – that they determine policy, and we are privileged to say amen on cue. This nonsense is now bankrupt.

Arthur Hertzberg in today’s Ha’aretz.

2 thoughts on “World Jewry is not an amen chorus

  1. The American Jewish community is also rallying for an end to Arthur Hertzberg’s overblown generalizations.

  2. the american jewish community is also rallying for an end to the reign of bigoted, ethnocentric right-wingers who are driving our people into the ground under the auspices of raising them up

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