Y-Love Exclusive MP3 and Upcoming Show Dates

EXCLUSIVE DOWNLOAD Y-Love vs. Busta Rhymes (MP3)
Disagree as some may with the views he expresses in his contributions to Jewschool, one must admit that Y-Love makes other Red Sea Pedestrian MCs seem, well, pedestrian.
Need more convincing? Catch Y-Love at NY’s Best Emerging Jewish Artists showcase (hosted by author Jonathan Ames, with Tiffany Shlain, Amy Tobin, What I Like About Jew, and many others) at The Museum of Jewish
Heritage on July 19th
, or at a free performance at Joe’s Pub, August 10.
Y-Love will also be in Israel this summer shooting a music video for his upcoming “This is Babylon” album. Check back at Jewschool, Corner Prophets or Modular Moods for updates on his upcoming performances in Israel.

4 thoughts on “Y-Love Exclusive MP3 and Upcoming Show Dates

  1. Much love, Y! But, tit for tat, next time you find yourself getting tongue twisted and falling out of sync with the break, there’s no shame in slowing down the RPM, bro!

  2. I neva heard a betta fast one take than dis. keep doin yo thang. it seems you will def deliver the first GOOD possibly GREAT Jewish hip hop album, that is for sure.

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