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Y-Love Succeeds Where Herzl Fails

Last night, Y-Love brought the Jews to Uganada, Jerusalem’s premier record shop/café, for an amazing live set featuring performances from Corner Prophets‘ finest, including Sagol 59, Rebel Sun & Shmash, with DJ Caress manning the decks. Granted, it’s not the largest venue in the city, but the place was filled twice over with a relatively diverse crowd comprised primarily of Orthodox olim who don’t usually frequent such locales. The energy was through the roof however, as the audience marvelled at the multifacted talents of Y-Love and his newfound Jerusalem compatriots. Sadly my Minidisc recorder bombed on me, and I’m still waiting on photos of the performance itself, but here are some buddy-buddy shots to whet your appetites.

Y-Love gets love from Rebel Sun, Sagol 59 and Omen X

Shmash, Rebel Sun & Sagol 59

Marque, Shmash & Y-Love

Last week, I had the pleasure of introducing Y-Love to Shmash, the artist formerly known as Shmoopafly, thus bringing two of the most creative, multilingual, Hasidic minds in hip-hop together in collaboration. The meeting proved fruitful: The two immediately took a liking to one another, and by week’s-end, they were in the studio cranking out tracks.
Here is the result: “Hebrew Child,” from Y-Love and Shmash, with production from France’s Beatmakers crew.

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