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Yesterday's Pro-Ceasefire Rally

Dan can tell you the details, but from Jewschool, thanks for joining us yesterday at the Israeli Consulate to introduce. I’m also stealing his choice of pic from EV’s collection, because it’s such a compelling shot of Jewschoolers in action.
More thoughts coming, but in general it was a fun time had by all. I’ll post pictures of the incredibly racist signs at the pro-Israel rally tomorrow.

10 thoughts on “Yesterday's Pro-Ceasefire Rally

  1. yasher koach to those who went, i wish i could have gone.
    its a small drop of goodness adn sanity in this crazy world

  2. Not sure you should admit a fun was had by all. There are children with half their faces blown off and no medical supplies available to them in Gaza. A passionate and contemplative time was had perhaps??

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