Yidcore in NYC

The Australian Jewish punk rock band that everyone loves to love, Yidcore, is going to be rocking out at Brooklyn’s North Six this coming Monday, December 11th.
I happen to have been a Yidcore fan since Yeshiva when I first heard their rendition of “Shir ha’Ma’alot” of Grace After Meals fame. The fact that I was listening to punk rock — and not MTV-created “tee-hee-I-bought-a-distortion-pedal-with-my-mom’s-platinum-card” pop-punk, either — bentching began to put Torah things in a new light for me.
I’m not going to name the Jewish publication that turned this down, but yours truly ended up with exclusive access to a freelance journalist’s interview with Bram Presser, the vocalist of Yidcore, with vignettes like:

How do you reconcile the precepts of Judaism with the recklessness of punk rock?
Bram: I reckon there are a lot of parallels between the punk ethic and the Jewish ethic. [Many of our] songs are born of struggle and oppression in both. Plus I read somewhere in Exodus, in the often overlooked paragraph, how Moses pierced his nose in Egypt and then got kicked out of the Pharaoh’s palace. The rest is history.

You can read the interview at
Jewish underground punk rock. Ken yirbu.

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